Oh, it was a dream

Making a dreamcatcher is a fun project you can do by yourself or with friends. You will need a hoop, suede lace, string, and decorative materials to create a basic dreamcatcher. Start the dreamcatcher by wrapping the hoop with suede lace.... Gravity Lyrics: Gravity is working against me / And gravity wants to bring me down / Oh, I'll never know / What makes this man, with all the love that his heart can stand / Dream of ways to throw Address: 177 N Mill St. Dalton, OH 44618 Phone: 330.828.2405 Fax: 330.828.2801 Oh My Goddess!, the manga by Kōsuke Fujishima, has been adapted into five anime versions between 1993 and 2007, including an original video animation (), The Adventures of Mini-Goddess, Ah! My Goddess, and its sequels, Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy and Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings.. In 1993, Anime International Company produced a five-episode OVA series based on the manga series. Our passion is to keep you delighted by offering a full range of long wearing, oh-so-soft yarns custom milled in North America. With almost two decades experience we continue to create new and awe-inspiring colors on yarns perfect for your next project! EVERYDAY WEAR. 100% superwash merino . bouncy twist is a treat. to knit and wear. 5800 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, OH 43085 View on Map 4/2/2021 ~ Antrim Lake has been stocked. Antrim is a nearly 120 acre park surrounded by a quarried lake and the Olentangy Greenway Trail, great for running, walking, biking or skating. Antrim Park is a popular place for fishing, which can be done off the banks or from the large accessible dock. While Dream also makes an appearance on “ Wiggle,” a new track from Rick Ross’ album Richer Than I Ever Been. Claws airs on Sundays, 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT. Check out DreamDoll’s “Oh Shhh ... "Oh, when I was seventeen / My mother said to me / 'Don't stop imagining / The day you do that is the day you die'" 12. "Seventeen" - RAC "When I was seventeen I knew / Just how I wanted life to be" 13. "Seventeen Ain't So Sweet" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Seventeen is just a test / Yeah and I would recommend / That you live with no regrets" 14. In 2013, "The Dream", from Carrion Crawler/The Dream was included in the soundtrack for the video game Grand Theft Auto V. On April 16, 2013, The band released Floating Coffin. The album was released on Castle Face Records, a label that John Dwyer co-owns with Brian Lee Hughes and Matt Jones. The album was the first since The Master's Bedroom ... WCLT Radio Inc T-100, The Big Lick, Kate98. WCLT Radio. 100.3 T-100 Hometown Country Station; 98.7 Kate98; 104.7 FM The Big Lick

2022.01.19 14:17 DutyComfortable8205 Oh, it was a dream

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2022.01.19 14:17 S13Ni Show cancelled due to Connors surgery? Is my boy OK?

I got email show was cancelled, reason stated was Connors surgery and recovery for respiratory issues. Vocal injury or something else like long covid?
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2022.01.19 14:17 Infamous-Ad-2921 I made challah for the first time. The braiding was a....mess.

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2022.01.19 14:17 AutMoberator Andate su r / eyebleech

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2022.01.19 14:17 RiftHunter4 Why do players not pick winning champs?

I Like to check champion stats every now and then to see who's doing well and such. I'll play a character who has a relatively low pick and ban rate, but a decent win rate.
But I'm always surprised by what I see every season. The champs with the best win rates are consistently some of the least played AND least banned. Why do people not pick them up? Is there something I'm not seeing? This is all in Solo Q ranked btw.
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2022.01.19 14:17 BoredAndWaitingToDie Band ID Help

I am trying to recall the name of a band from the mid 90s. I believe they were German. I would describe their music as industrial electro booty dance. One of their album covers featured a woman in fishnets with barbed wire running across her butt.
Any ideas? :)
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2022.01.19 14:17 HyperionX-X Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Growdon

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2022.01.19 14:17 sunshinetidings Junkers J 38 and J 1000- These old German designs were examples of planes with seating in the wings like the Skylanes airliners

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2022.01.19 14:17 Brrtek Beksiński digital remake by me, 2022

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2022.01.19 14:17 ShelLuser42 Harassing a senior citizen? You just opened Pandora’s box!

This happened a long time ago, approximately 8 or so years. Some time ago I shared the story on a blog of mine but now that I’ve discovered Reddit I think this is a much better place for it.
I’m a guy born & raised in the Netherlands and I suppose a bit of a geek. My girlfriend was born and raised in Japan and moved to the Netherlands at an early age. We first met at work and could get along quite well. Unfortunately, due to circumstances we lost track of each other but as luck would have it we met again by accident several years later on a train station after which we exchanged every bit of contact information we had. We started seeing each other not much later and that turned into dating. And we kept dating until this very same day, now an easy 10 years later. We care about each other very much, it’s even official, but at the same time we also value our freedom and like the place we live in. So we ended up visiting each other pretty much every single weekend.
Some of our friends still don’t really understand this but… ey, we’re happy which is all that counts for us. And in case you’re wondering: it’s also not an issue of not being able to get along for longer periods of time either; during the Holiday season the ‘rulebook’ goes out the window and then we always spend pretty much the whole week with one another (either her place or mine) and that has always been an awesome time for the both of us.
Getting groceries
At the time of this story my gf came to visit me and I was really looking forward to spending time together, so… I bought her some flowers and also had a box of cherry bonbons (?) at home as a small surprise (the chocolate stuff with some liquor inside). We don’t bother with ‘made’ days like Valentines and such because we both think that it’s more about commerce than anything else. Besides, how much do you really love someone if you’re only showing as much once or twice a year? Instead we prefer to be sporadic about it. So yeah, we were already dating for several years at that time but I still bring flowers with me sometimes to the bus station because why not?
We hug, she likes the flowers and puts them in her backpack (they stick out ;)) and we get ready to do some shopping.
Because we spend several days together we always get some groceries together as well, and obviously split the costs. Shopping together is much more fun, at least for us.
We go to a very small supermarket which is a favorite of mine and we start in the vegetable isle because I wanted to get some beer 😉 ok, ok, that was a running joke of mine at that time: most of the isle is taken up by the vegetable section at the other end and on our end it also has a beer section. So I ask my gf if she’d like some ‘Radler’. She doesn’t like the German brands I drink but the Radler variant is one of her favorites.
No answer. I look up and see her staring in the distance with a look of disgust on her face and the next moment she even starts swearing in Japanese! After being together for several years I picked up a decent amount of the language and thus I knew something was seriously wrong.
You see… my gf has a very specific habit… whenever something drastic or emotional happens then she always falls back to Japanese at first through force of habit. The first time I told her plain out that she meant the world to me, that I loved her and that I think she is the best thing that has happened in my life? Exactly. She started talking back to me in Japanese and I had no idea – what so ever – what she was telling me! Fortunately body language and such is also a thing and if you tell someone that you love them and they snuggle up to you and hug you then I think it’s safe to conclude that the feeling is mutual 😊
Luckily for me she also quickly realizes as much and that’s also what happened here. She looks back to me and tells me: “Wait here” (in English; we usually talk both Dutch & English when together), next moment she barges off into the isle with a look of thunder on her face. Seriously: I have never seen her as angry as that moment and never have since, she was livid.
Yet I still didn't understand what’s going on. I look into the isle and see a group of Turkish women standing there (they wore the classic long robes and all), surely that’s not what triggered my gf?
Wrong! She walks up to them, grabs the one closest to her by the shoulders, makes a move with her legs and the woman falls hard onto the ground behind my gf. That had to hurt, and I was completely shocked; I honestly wondered for one moment if my gf had lost her mind, seriously!
So the next moment (keep in mind that this all happened in seconds) one of the women now standing next to my girlfriend tried to reflect her, only to end up getting spun around and shoved hard into the shelves, she also ends up dropping to the floor.
And suddenly the whole situation started making some sense to me because I now suddenly see an older man with a walking aid (“rollator” in Dutch; a cart on wheels which people use as a walking aid) who was apparently surrounded by these “women” (I now use the term loosely, a bunch of hags is a much better description in my opinion). Next moment my gf goes after another woman, she gets a huge shove as well and drops on the floor in front of my gf (outside my vision). The next moment my gf starts pointing to someone behind the man (also outside my vision), outs some seriously bitchy sounding remarks in Japanese and then puts her arm around the mans shoulder and beacons him forward. He takes a few steps and then my gf places herself between him and the group of hags and takes on a stance.
Did I forget to mention that my gf is familiar with martial arts? 😉 I can’t really comment on it because she’s very hush hush about the whole thing but I know that her father insisted that she and her sister followed classes for self defense. Her sister really got into it which also convinced my gf to get deeper into things as well; their expertise goes way beyond your average self defense class.
So the group started shouting a bit and making some ruckus but apparently they also didn’t like the idea of getting another beating. Ironic isn’t it how some entitled people always seem to realize all too well that they were fully in the wrong once they get called out for it?
Next moment store personnel rushes over and the manager starts asking questions to bystanders (including me). Fortunately enough more people saw the whole incident and it became quickly clear to the manager what had actually happened. For some bizarre reason though one of the hags didn’t appreciate how things were going and she actually tried to take a swing at the old man (or maybe my gf? I dunno). However, as said my gf was very protective around the old man and countered the attack with slamming the palm of her hand into the hags face, almost knocking her out cold.
That b-word saw stars, that was obvious as much… Next moment more personnel came over and the women were detained and led to the back of store. The old man was visibly panicked and like I said my gf was very protective around him. I wouldn’t be surprised if the store manager thought they knew each other (they didn’t) because they were allowed to continue their shopping as long as they didn’t leave the store until further notice.
So my gf makes a gesture to me that I’ll be doing my own shopping while she asks the old guy in Dutch if he’d like her to help him with his shopping. Yups, the guy now had a personal shopping aid and bodyguard 😉
Of course I was a little bummed but at the same time I also couldn’t care less, man was I proud!
The aftermath
I quickly finished shopping and decided to wait after the tills for my gf to finish. When they got to the registers one of the cashiers informed the manager who then came out. The police had already detained the women and when checking the security cameras it became obvious that my gf wasn’t some wild vigilante but had in fact defended a senior citizen from harassment by a group of “women”.
See, as it turns out the man was standing next to the vegetables wondering what to get. Apparently one minute was too much time for these hags and they started to berate him. When that didn’t have much effect they then decided to surround him and force him to move. “Unfortunately” for them that was also when we stepped into the isle and unlike me my gf quickly noticed what was going on. When the hags started pushing the man and surrounding him she saw an extremely sad look on his face and exploded with anger.
It’s a nasty story because although there are security cameras the one for that isle looks as if it’s only pointing forwards, not back. Yah, it works both sides.. As a result there have been several incidents in that section over time according to the manager. In the mean time this has been drastically changed, the whole store isn’t even the same anymore as it once was.
Anyhow, the old man got his shopping for free and when the manager realized that my gf was just a bystander she got a major discount coupon for her next shopping. We didn’t abuse it by loading out our cart next week, but we did grab some extra beer, some wine and there were also some comfy clothes available which my gf decided to get for herself, which she still wears today.
As for the old man he still had some anxiety to deal with so I decided to stay out of it. My gf helped him to his car, she also folded up & stored the rollator (“walking aid”) for him and he took off.
We actually met up with him again several weeks later by accident and things were going much better for him. The hags were banned from the store and although he did have some issues with anxiety he got through thanks to friends & family and it also helped him to think about the fact that there were actually random strangers out there who came to his aid.
Heck, I even shook his hand that day.
Yeah, being in a group gives you some power. Until of course you meet the wrong kind of person.
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2022.01.19 14:17 PK_Pancakes Wii Guitar Not Being Detected?

So I finished building my PC yesterday, and I transferred Clone Hero from my laptop onto it. Game opens and runs perfectly, but my Wii guitar isn't being detected by the game. It's connected via a raphnet adapter. It works just fine on my laptop, but not my PC. The weird thing is that my PC is absolutely registering it. It recognizes its inputs and everything, it just will not work in Clone Hero. What do I do?
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2022.01.19 14:17 schrodiestarseed Areas to live in Camarillo

Hi, my husband and I currently live in Austin. We're considering a move to Southern California to be closer to my family and enjoy better weather. Our current budget is around 1 million. We have a toddler and would like to be in an area with other kids, but also want to feel like there's enough for us to do as 30-somethings. We are used to the vibrancy Austin has to offer. Any suggestions for neighborhoods/areas? We don't know much about the area but like what we've seen so far and the niceness of the home you can get for the price, compared to Torrance, Redondo, etc. where I'm from.
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2022.01.19 14:17 ZombieCivil6336 Morboseamos a la puta de Martu

Morbo bien sucio de Martu
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2022.01.19 14:17 electronic_person Too close!!! Don't worry no animals were hurt.

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2022.01.19 14:17 bigbeatufullofshit What is a great song most people have never heard?

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2022.01.19 14:17 Gymratbrony A welcoming safe space for trans stoners come on over to r/trans_trees!

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2022.01.19 14:17 suffer4fashion Tracking Issues? Service Not Reliable

I've been tracking a package vis UPS that will eventually be delivered by USPS. UPS shows the package is being delivered to Little Rock, AR. However, I noticed on the USPS timeline they provide that delivery is set for Smyrna, TN.
On the 15th it said the package was handed over to USPS and it was pending acceptance. I reviewed the tracking yesterday and it shows now that the package is back in Smyrna, TN with the last scan saying "Sorted by UPS" and the status has updated to "Scheduled for Pick Up". I have called USPS who says they haven't received the package and to talk to UPS. I called UPS who said that the package was turned over to USPS on the 15th. When I asked about the package scan from the 18th the rep told me that it wasn't scanned on the 18th by UPS. I was then forwarded to a manager who contradicted the first rep and said that it was scanned by UPS on the 18th but then said it was handed to USPS on the 15th.
I say all of this to ask, is there something severely wrong with UPS's tracking system at the moment? I just checked my tracking again and now it says "In transit by USPS". However, there have been no scans since it was scanned by UPS in Smyrna, TN on the 18th and I don't see how USPS is delivering the package if it is nearly 400 miles away.

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2022.01.19 14:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2022.01.19 14:17 ItsACommonProblem A yeet for a yeet

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2022.01.19 14:17 Agroportal Seca em Portugal: 94% do território encontra-se em seca meteorológica e a situação tende a piorar

Portugal continental registou em outubro de 2021, face ao mês anterior, uma diminuição da área em seca meteorológica no Alto Alentejo, mas registou um aumento da intensidade no Baixo Alentejo e Algarve, com alguns locais na classe de seca severa.
No algarve, já em Novembro, sentia-se os efeitos da seca, sendo que os apicultores algarvios, devido à escassez de alimento e água para as abelhas, tiveram que recorrer a açúcar, por haver um défice de pólen devidos às condições meteorológicas.
Estes eventos de seca , que não são estranhos em Portugal, serão cada vez mais recorrentes - alertou Agência Europeia do Ambiente (AEA), afirmando que a Europa já assiste às consequências das alterações climáticas e os países do sul devem preparar-se para verões mais quentes, secas mais frequentes e maior risco de incêndios.
Com a fraca chuva no fim do ano, no final de Dezembro a seca afectava já 93,7% do território nacional.
A pouca chuva que caiu no início do ano não veio alterar a situação, havendo barragens no país quase sem água.
A seca, um fenómeno mais recorrente no Alentejo e Algarve, faz-se sentir, desde Novembro, na região Norte, que se encontra em seca fraca, com exceção da região nordeste, em Trás-os-Montes, em que “há pontos com seca moderada”, explicou Vanda Pires, do Departamento de Clima e Alterações Climáticas do Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) e que lançou o alerta que sem chuva a situação vai-se agravar.
Hoje foi a vez de Eduardo Oliveira e Sousa, presidente da CAP, de ser entrevistado para falar sobre a situação urgente que o país enfrenta.
Ontem, no entanto, tinha já sido entrevistado Jorge Miranda, Presidente do Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, que salientou que o mês de janeiro tem tido pouca chuva e deverá manter-se assim nas próximas semanas. Salientou ainda que as regiões mais afetadas são Alentejo e Algarve, mas os meteorologistas estão também preocupados com o norte de Portugal.
Foi a vez das associações agrícolas e de produtores falarem da seca, que tem um impacto direto na produção e poderá vir a afectar directamente os consumidores:
Na zona Oeste, a ausência de chuva assusta a Associação Interprofissional de Horticultura do Oeste (AIHO) que alerta que há agricultores a regar as culturas, o que não é costume nesta altura do ano.
A seca que se faz sentir no Norte “ainda não é uma situação alarmante”, mas os agricultores pedem um fevereiro chuvoso para que as culturas do próximo ano não fiquem comprometidas.
A Associação dos Agricultores do Distrito de Portalegre (AADP) mostrou-se ontem “apreensiva” pela falta de chuva na região, porque, apesar de a situação ainda não ser “dramática”, as culturas de primavera/verão “estão muito longe” de estarem asseguradas.
Se a situação meteorológica se mantiver assim tudo aponta para um agravamento da seca em Portugal, que poderá ter grandes impactos nos produtores agrícolas e pecuários. Impactos estes que serão certamente sentidos pelos consumidores.
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2022.01.19 14:17 CarelessPath1689 Are there any Gen Z/millennials playing?

I don't mean to create a divide within the community or alienate anyone or anything, but I once saw a YouTube comment that stated something along the lines of "JJ is mainly enjoyed by older generations" so I was interested to know if I'm the only teenager who enjoys the game? I'm pretty sure I'm not, but I thought I might still ask. I'm interested to know what got you guys in the game?
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2022.01.19 14:17 emmadee217 Looking for 1 weekend 2 pass

Is anyone looking to sell a weekend 2 pass?
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2022.01.19 14:17 EugeneWong318 Our country is broken. There’s no other way to say it.

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2022.01.19 14:17 asmajda Bitcoin Reaches Key Juncture, Why Recovery Won’t Be Easy

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2022.01.19 14:17 ImmodestPolitician Looking for a fiction book popular in the Paleo Diet community about Tribal living in the Stone age

The name of the book was one syllable, Grok or something like that.
It wasn't Clan of the Cave Bear and the author had a website that contained most of the text.
There were a lot of Principles in the book that apply to modern life.
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