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HELP! My coworker and I can't stand our cramped office anymore (more info in comments)

My in-laws live in a house in suburban Chiba well outside Tokyo, but it has literally no garden space and the neighborhood is so densely packed a taxi can't even pull into the little laneway it's in. Within a 100 meter radius there's a grocery, a drugstore, several restaurants and more, and everybody gets around on foot, by bicycle or by bus. FULL PRODUCT VERSION : java version "1.8.0_66" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_66-b17) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.66-b17, mixed mode ... VIXEN My best friend's boyfriend. HD 82% 9:13. Rough Sloppy Deepthroat FaceFuck Training with helpless sub cute slut. HD 72% 4:41. Vine XXX Uncut Comp Of The Month Pt.1! GangBangs,Anal Gaping,Squirting+More. HD 74% 5:07. Horny nann7y Raven Bay gives her bossy a pity fuck - Naughty America. HD 75% 10:26. Ravishing beauty reveals her stunning ... It's pretty good. It's suitable for who want to improve their reading skill. Related: What Your Car Says About Your Investing Style And Money Making Acumen The Average New Car Buyer Is Rich. Given everything is rational, we can also assume the average new car buyer makes around $200,000 a year, or 5X $40,000, based on a 50% discount to my 1/10th rule for car buying.. If all new car buyers followed my 1/10th rule, they’d all be making ~$400,000 a year. 23 Likes, 9 Comments - Rhiannon (@rhi_write) on Instagram: “⁣Let’s talk about writing processes 😏 everyone’s so different and unique in how they write so I…” Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be To Go To The Movies More; Minneapolis-St. Paul Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide The University of Utah on Instagram: “Since Arts Bash can ... Browse our listings to find jobs in Germany for expats, including jobs for English speakers or those in your native language. A night at the bar has some unforeseen circumstances & more. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/17/19: Becoming His Slut Ch. 06 (4.66) A day at work as the office slut, I get shared a bit. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/23/19: Becoming His Slut Ch. 07 (4.79) Running errands is much more fun with a foxtail butt plug! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/22/19

2022.01.19 13:36 bailstheweewiggle HELP! My coworker and I can't stand our cramped office anymore (more info in comments)

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2022.01.19 13:36 the_physics_bro I too am, extraordinary humble

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2022.01.19 13:36 drizztstorm Humor Fics?

Can I get recommendations for Humor worm fics?
I have already read The TECHNO QUEEN and Nemesis, and I am looking for something similar.
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2022.01.19 13:36 Dra7en Home Sharing

Did they change the way PC Home Sharing works? For years now, I have had iTunes video playlists and files on my PC that I watch on my TV via the Computers app (which helps save my monthly bandwidth and lets me watch even when the internet goes down). After recently updating, it looks like the videos are maybe being streamed from iTunes rather than playing the files off my PC. I remember there being a setting somewhere that let you choose whether to stream or play the files, but I can’t find it anywhere. Have they done away with it?
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2022.01.19 13:36 LilMissLinNim The Batman Poster, HD and textless

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2022.01.19 13:36 deadwisdom Rate my cryptopunk magic system. Affinities should be obvious.

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2022.01.19 13:36 Ok_Boat_3375 DO NOT PANIC IF IT DROPS TO THE LOW 4's, HOLD

Just buy the dip 😋
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2022.01.19 13:36 chaabbz F4F on twitter!!

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2022.01.19 13:36 Newrupp What sounds do strawhats make when poop

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2022.01.19 13:36 Tight-Aside-3353 Scam or nah

I'm looking into this more and I want to make sure my bases are covered. I've been seeing mixed reviews on this coin and wanted to get other opinions before I invest in this coin. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
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2022.01.19 13:36 MoodSoggy ADucks Story based NFT 2nd edition - chapter 1-2:)

ADucks Story based NFT 2nd edition - chapter 1-2:) Hello guys,
so because 1st edition of Aducks dissapeared basically overnight, there is already 2nd edition of story based NFT Aducks out on AlgoGems:)...Check it out, but at first look at our Reddit and read a story to know a bit about our ducks from chapter 1-2:). All links to our happy rubber friends are under picture:).ac
ADucks staring in chapter 1-2:
- Aduck 11 (beaten Jax) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553331001
- Aduck 12 (PunkyD) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553338105
- Aduck 13 (Isaac) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553341972
- Aduck 14 (Christine) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553345566
- Aduck 15 (Timothy) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553348555
- Aduck 16 (Anthony) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553354143
- Aduck 17 (G.I.Joe) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553357171
- Aduck 18 (Sailor Jack) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553359375
- Aduck 19 (Sad Mr.Smart) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553362041
- Aduck 20 (Alex) - https://www.algogems.io/nft/553363830
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2022.01.19 13:36 Goddamnodriscoll Music producer and guitar player on YT

I’ve been playing guitar and bass for about 10 years now and I went to school for Digital Audio Production and Sound Engineering for a little while; here’s a song that I recently produced for a friend of mine.
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2022.01.19 13:36 rachelwichman Taking a (hopefully short) break

The past 2 years have been rough, and one of the things that has gotten me through is the thrill of a good B&BW haul. I have loved these products for years, and in the short time that I've been a part of this community, I have come to love you guys as well. I've learned so much, and though I don't know you personally, I consider you friends.
But I need to take what I hope will be a short break. Finances are changing in my household, and though I have not spent as much as others, "Bath and Body Works" is a discretionary line item of our budget that my husband and I have made the mutual decision to cut for the time being.
Nothing about this is personal. The decision to step away from the community is 100% to do with my FOMO. I mentioned this in another post, but I am very much an "I see ___, I want ___" individual. If I take this stimulus away, it'll make the sacrifice easier.
I'll miss you. I'll see you soon.
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2022.01.19 13:36 Imaginary-Ocelot-167 The number of professors who pretend not to see someone in the class wear their mask correctly...

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2022.01.19 13:36 Pauletta1111 Quelles podcasts français recommendez-vous ?

Salut ! Je suis polonaise et j’apprends le français. J’ai aimé récemment les podcasts. Je cherche quelque chose comme Emma Chamberlain :)
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2022.01.19 13:36 distilledspirits [OFFER] LENDING CLUB Previously RADIUS BANK - $60 total, $50 from them, $10 from me for opening a bank account with at least $500 and holding it there for 60 days. [US ONLY] PAID OUT 17X

They are offering a promo where if you fund a new account with $500 they will give you $50 after 60 days. If you use my referral link I will pay you an extra $10.
What you have to do:

  1. Comment $bid and sign up with my referral link https://open.radiusbank.com/?promocode=LGRE18D764
  2. Make a deposit of at least $500.
  3. PM me once you get your bonus and I will pay you $10.
I can pay via PayPal or Cashapp or Zelle
Terms and Conditions: By participating in this Refer a Friend Program, each Party will be aware the other has opened, or intends to open a Radius bank account, and hereby waives any privacy rights with regards to this awareness. Current Radius account holders and their friends can each get $50.00 for each new valid Rewards Checking account referral via the Refer a Friend program. To get the $50.00 reward, your friend must open the Rewards Checking account using a valid promo code. Your referred friend(s) must have an open, active account in good standing with at least $500.00 in deposit balance on the 60th day after opening the account, meaning: No NSF (non-sufficient funds) items, returns, locks or freezes during the preceding months of your referral’s checking account being opened. Clients that refer themselves or are a joint owner on are referred account will not be eligible to earn the $50.00 reward. The $50.00 reward will be deposited into both you and your friend’s Radius account within 30 days of completion of the requirements. If you close your account for any reason prior to 30 days of the completion of requirements, you will forfeit all rewards. The value of this reward may constitute taxable income to you. You and your referred friend may be issued an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) that reflects the value of such reward. Please consult your tax adviser, as Radius Bank does not provide tax advice. Radius Bank reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.
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2022.01.19 13:36 GAM3R_ZA Rani, part of our duo of gritty space haulers, struggling to make a buck as they chance upon an untouched planet brimming with life.

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2022.01.19 13:36 Substantial-Shoe-330 Now this is an PND if I've ever seen one.. would advise not to get involved.

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2022.01.19 13:36 lovely_bird22 Fuck him.

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2022.01.19 13:36 vagiggle Do you ever forget a piercing?

I was asked online what piercings I have. I listed them all out but I totally forgot my septum! I've had it for 6 years and it's so a part of my face I dont even notice or think about it anymore! Who else forgets about the holes stabbed in their bodies?
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2022.01.19 13:36 jCookiej [REQUEST] The Curious Researcher - A Guide to Writing Research Papers 9th Edition (by Bruce Ballenger)

Publisher: Pearson Print ISBN: 9780134498263, 0134498267 eText ISBN: 9780134508016, 0134508017 Edition 9th Copyright year: 2018
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2022.01.19 13:36 affzau5e @weebs

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2022.01.19 13:36 pinkchampagnefairy Does anybody know what face shape this is?

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2022.01.19 13:36 dawoods99 Top 10 Crypto Projects I'm Buying (BSC) My STRATEGY to Find Them

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2022.01.19 13:36 ericscott123 Adding a Contract to a CEX's Database

Hello - I need a CEX to add a token to a database. It's wrapped SOL USD (SPL/USD).
If anyone knows CEX's well, how hard is it to add a contract; I know they add new coins daily + ICOs/IDOs.
How does the internal process work? Thanks so much!
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