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2022.01.19 13:47 almasy87 GIF not displaying properly

Hi, first of all I have no idea if this is the right place to ask this question, which is probably silly but idk where to ask...
I downloaded 3 gifs from tumblr. They work fine if I open them with chrome, but on the photo viewer on PC they stay still on the first frame. The same happens on 2 different android devices. On Xiaomi gallery they don't move. On Honor gallery they move.. but in another Gallery app on both phones they just show as a grey square. However, I have other gifs that work and display fine in all 3 devices/viewers/apps... So I'm wondering why that is, what's the difference and how can I fix those to act like the other GIFS? Is it a different type of GIF format or should I save it again from a specific software or what? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 13:47 ashthundercrow [Twin Peaks] Pete Martell is the leader of the White Lodge. Just as BOB is the leader of the Black Lodge.

(I posted this in FanTheories as just a fun thought-experiment. Not to be taken too seriously, nor as canon, of course. Enjoy!)
Hear! Hear!
Now there are more Twin Peaks fan theories floating around the web than there are grains of sand on the beach. I am here simply to add another grain. This theory is going to get pretty ridiculous and loony. Buckle in, enjoy the ride, and don't take it all too seriously.
For clarity, the format for this theory will be broken up into the appropriate episodes in which events unfold. I will then wrap-up (the best I can) at the end with overarching themes/evidence that support my theory. Without further ado... (SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1-3)
General Information about David Lynch
- Often incorporates personal experiences into his films.
- Equates ideas to fish/fishing.
- Has a book titled Catching the Big Fish - about his creative process and how to 'catch' interesting ideas
General Information about Twin Peaks
- Black Lodge = HQ for evil spirits
- White Lodge = HQ for benevolent spirits
- BOB = Most powerful spirit for the Black Lodge
- The Fireman = Most powerful spirit for the White Lodge
- Wood = Transistor for travel between Reality and Lodge-space
- Fire = Incarnation of evil spirits' presence.
- Creamed Corn (Garmonbozia) = Energy source (fuel) for evil spirits.
- Coffee = Energy source (fuel) for benevolent spirits.
General Information about Pete Martell
- Enthusiastic and hobby fisherman.
- Lives in log cabin.
- Husband to Catherine Martell - who operates a Logging Mill.
- Talented chess player.
- Pete tells his wife, Catherine, that he will be 'gone fishing.'
- Pete is the person who finds Laura Palmer's dead body.
- Pete finds Laura's body immediately after leaving his house, without having fished for a single moment. He is quick to spot her body by a large tree stump - a bit off his beaten path.
- How did Pete know when/where to look? Utilizing the concept of fishing = receiving ideas, it follows that Pete had an idea come to him. This idea? To look fofind Laura's body in a timely manner.
- A general assumption in many murder cases is that whoever finds the corpse is usually the person who committed the crime. While this is not always the case, it does not help Pete's situation. However, Pete is a well-respected member of the community (Sherriff Truman does not even implicate Pete as being involved in Laura's murder upon arriving at the scene).
- Furthermore, as noted above, the theme of fire is a stand-in for evil spirits manifesting in Reality. Therefore, fishing - an activity associated with water - is a way to prevent Black Lodge spirits from harming oneself.
- The Fireman is a character that is generally agreed upon to be the representative agent of the White Lodge, but as we'll see, Pete is more of an apt character for this role.
- Catherine is pressured by Josie Packard (owner of mill) to closedown the logging mill for the day out of respect for Laura Palmer's death and the father of Ronette Pulaski (who works at the mill). Pete sides with Josie, not his wife.
- Pete goes against his own marriage (albeit not a very loving one in the first place) to side with shutting down the mill - a mill that specializes in wood.
- As mentioned in the general notes above, Wood, in the series, conducts spirits to and fro Reality/Lodges. Shutting down the mill ostensibly stops BOB and other denizens of the Black Lodge from entering back into Reality to impede the investigation.
Season1 - Episode 1:
- Pete cleans a fish while Sherriff Truman and FBI Agent Dale Cooper question Josie about her relationship with Laura.
- As a White Lodge agent, Pete is refining (cleaning) his idea (fish) of how to lead investigators to solving Laura's murder.
- Pete pours Sherriff Truman and Cooper cups coffee.
- Pete is providing law enforcement with thought fuel/energy.
- Pete stops Truman and Cooper from taking their first sip of coffee by telling them that there was a fish in the percolator.
- It's curious why Pete would want to stop the members of law enforcement from drinking the energy/fuel (coffee) that was brewed with a fish (idea/lead). This confused me at first, but what follows is very enlightening. Right before Pete's interruption, Cooper lets Truman know that he is aware of Truman's hidden love for Josie. By preventing Truman and Cooper from 'fueling up' in this moment, Pete ostensibly disrupts the members of law enforcement from going down a rabbit hole/false lead and divert their attention back to the investigation. Also, to direct Cooper away from focusing on Josie (will get into this a bit later).
Season1 - Episode 2:
- Pete secretly give Josie the key to the safe which contains two ledgers for the mill.
- By doing this, Pete is not only trying to put law enforcement on the right track to solving Laura's murder, but also guiding unofficial parties (Josie) in the right direction.
- What's the right direction? Catherine is plotting to destroy the mill to reap the benefits of an insurance payout and use the now-vacant land for other profitable exploits; thus the reason for there being 2 ledgers. By leading law enforcement to BOB, and leading non-law enforcement to Catherine (destruction of the refined-wood industry), Pete is taking a two-prong approach to stopping Black Lodge spirits from entering back into Reality.
- A note needs to be made here concerning what I mean by 'refined-wood.' While the woods/wood in Twin Peaks may represent the passage from Reality/Lodges, this is done so by wood being in it's natural state e.g. the Sycamore Trees at Glastonbury Grove (entrance to Black Lodge). By being refined in a mill (a manmade process), wood can then be shaped and domesticated, thereby being tamed and utilized for benevolent purposes (Pete's log cabin, Great Northern Hotel, Etc.).
- Pete is leading Josie in the direction to stop Catherine from destroying the mill, therefore preserving the place where wood can be refined.
Season1 - Episode 3:
- Catherine notes to Pete that the cabin smells like fish.
- Catherine confronts Pete about notifying Josie about the 2nd ledger while he is looking for his tacklebox.
- Pete is gearing up (literally) to combat the forces the evil spirits of the Black Lodge. While Catherine is not an entity of the Black Lodge, her motives are aligned with those of the Black Lodge (Putting a stop to refined-wood production.
Season1 - Episode 4:
- Pete invites Josie to be his partner at a fishing competition.
- Again, reinforcing the idea of recruiting Josie to the side of the White Lodge. As he is trying to get all the help he can on solving Laura's murder and stopping Black Lodge spirits from causing more harm.
Season1 - Episode 6:
- Pete is jubilant about his fish he caught at the competition. He displays the taxidermy fish he caught to Sheriff Truman.
- Taxidermy fish --> An idea that was successfully caught (formed), tamed/domesticated (same concept as refining wood), and fossilized (the idea is now tangible, no longer able to escape).
- Pete has been successful so far in advancing law enforcement's investigation into Laura's death. They are getting closer to learning about BOB.
- However, since Josie didn't go with Pete to the fishing competition he isn't successful in advancing Josie's path to stopping the mill (refined wood) from being destroyed.
Season1 - Episode 7:
- Catherine and Pete argue in the office at the mill. Catherine pleads for Pete to take it easy and have pity on her.
- Catherine gets a call from Hank about the location of the 2nd ledger and heads to mill.
- Hank is hired by Ben Horne (Catherine's partner in crime for plotting to destroy the mill) to getting rid of Catherine so that Ben can reap the benefits for himself (after a long and complicated break in alliance between he and Catherine).
- How does this concern Pete and the White Lodge at large? By apologizing and tranquilizing the tension between her and Pete, Catherine is basically asking support from the benevolent spirits of the White Lodge i.e. Pete.
- The mill is set aflame and destroyed while Catherine is inside.
- Remember, fire in this series is meant to represent the evil spirits from Black Lodge. We can surmise that the mill being set afire is BOB and other Black Lodge entities acting in the real world. Coming through into corporeal existence.
- The Black Lodge spirits were successful in destroying the refined wood production: Allowing them to come through into Reality and not be confined to the Black Lodge.
- Pete asks a firefighter if Catherine made it out of the fire.
- If Catherine does not make it out, this means that she succumbed to the Black Lodge.
Okay... this is where things realllllly start to get stretchy: but stay with me!
Season 2 - Episode 1:
- Sheriff Truman shows up at Pete's log cabin asking where Josie is.
- After referring to a note that Josie stating that she left for emergency business in Seattle, Pete explains that she always brings back lots of clothes when she goes out on these 'business trips.'
- Sheriff Truman informs Pete that Catherine has still not been found after having been last seen in the mill fire. He warns Pete to be prepare for the worst.
- Pete takes this news bravely and remains hopeful but still sensitive to his wives' disappearance.
- Since Pete is a White Lodge entity and not a human, Pete is not hindered by emotion and able to redirect Truman's attention back to Josie.
- Now that the mill is gone (refined wood production is halted), Black Lodge spirits are able to come into Reality much easier. Pete must remain impassive to his private affairs and keep the investigation on Laura's death and reinstituting refined wood.
Season 2 - Episode 4:
- Josie returns back to the log cabin from her emergency business trip. Pete informs her that Catherine 'died' in the mill fire but the body has yet to be found.
- Further hinting to Josie that they have failed to preserve the refined wood production and its proprietors.
- Josie introduces Pete to a stranger who goes by the name of Jonathon. Josie says that Johnathon is her cousin.
- We'll get back to this whole cousin business.
Season 2 - Episode 5:
- A business man going by the name of Mr. Tojamura enters Ben Horne's office with a proposition to buy the Ghostwood Development Project by writing a 5 Million Dollar check. Ben accepts the check.
- The mill was burned for this reason: to develop a new business venture (Country Club) that would be hosted on Ghostwood Estates.
- GHOST WOOD estates! Need I say more?
- The mill (refined wood) was destroyed (by fire) to develop on Ghostwood (wild/unregulated wood).
Season 2 - Episode 6:
- Leland Palmer is singing in the barroom at the Great Northern. Pete identifies the song he's singing as being from the musical "The King and I."
- Leland Palmer - we will soon see - is Laura's killer.
- However, the show portrays Leland to be more of a human vessel for BOB.
- BOB being the Black Lodge representative spirit; Or the 'King' of the black Lodge. Pete is signaling that Leland is literally singing: The King (BOB) and I (Leland).
- Pete then tries to strike up a conversation with Tojamura.
- Tojamura is actually Catherine. Pete turns, unknowingly but instinctively, to his now-ally in stopping the Ghostwood Estate development (in hopes of returning it back to refined wood production maybe?).
Season 2 - Episode 7:
- Sherriff Truman and Agent Cooper arrive at Ben's office and arrest him for the murder of Laura Palmer in presence of Tojamura.
- Pete hears a distant sound in his log cabin. Tojamura appears and surprises Pete with a kiss.
- The very next scene we see is of Leland Palmer looking into the mirror - showing BOB in the reflection. Leland/BOB then goes on to murder Maddy, Laura's cousin.
- *Breathes* Alright. So... Tojamura witnesses 'Laura's killer' being caught and arrested. She then goes immediately to Pete (Leader of the White Lodge) to celebrate. She does this by rekindling their marriage with a romantic gesture (a kiss). This tragically distracts Pete away from Laura's true killer (Leland (Her Father)/BOB). Leland/BOB is then free to kill again - Maddy.
Season 2 - Episode 8:
- Pete visits Truman at the office while Truman watches a woodpecker through his binoculars.
- Out of all the birds that Truman could be watching, he's watching woodpeckers. W-O-O-D peckers - birds that tarnish trees (in their wild/natural state = transistor for evil spirits). This scene happens in correspondence with Pete discussing Josie's absence.
- Pete tells Truman that Josie is gone (back to Hong Kong) and that he'll miss her. Truman shares information with Pete about Mr. Lee - the man who Josie introduced to Pete as being' her cousin' Jonathon.
- In the jail, Pete visits Ben and plays the tape of Catherine saying that she will testify on his behalf if he signs over Ghostwood.
- Having lost one ally for preserving refined wood, Pete can rest easy as he has gained another ally - Catherine. Using his newfound ally to proclaim victory over 'Laura's killer.' Pete is mistaken that he has successfully triumphed over BOB and the Black Lodge.
Season 2 - Episode 9:
- Tojamura visits Ben in jail and reveals 'himself' to be Catherine.
- Ben pleads with Catherine to tell law enforcement about her being him the night of Laura's murder. He signs the Ghostwood contract over to her.
- Leland is arrested for Laura's murder and dies in prison cell right there and then.
- BOB does not die with Leland.
- Leland dying in a metal prison instead of a, say, a wooden prison, does not allow BOB to return to the Black Lodge. Instead, he is bound to Reality to terrorize more people.
Season 2 - Episode 10:
- Josie returns.
Season 2 - Episode 11:
- Catherine forces Josie into being a made upon her return back to the cabin.
- Despite being witness to Josie's servitude, Pete is submissive to Catherine and allows Josie to be treated poorly by his wife
- In failing to defeat BOB and the Black Lodge, Pete's power as authority/power as a White Lodge benevolent spirit is waning.
- Andrew Packard (Josie's supposed-deceased husband) enters and reveals that he and Catherine are using Josie as bait for Thomas Eckhardt.
- Catherine is being tainted by the evil spirits that are coming through into Reality due to the refined wood production being destroyed.
- Therefore, Catherine is being tempted to give in to evil by putting the one person (Josie) who can get another mill back up and running successfully.
Season 2 - Episode 14:
- Catherine shows Pete that Andrew Packard (Josie's 'deceased' husband) is still alive.
- Pete is genuinely surprised by this revelation - as he was left in the dark about it. When Pete sees Andrew Packard in his own house (a log cabin - refined wood used as a residence), he becomes aware that now evil spirits are able to permeate into his preconceived 'safe places.'
Season 2 - Episode 15:
- Agent Cooper is over at Pete's log cabin to question Josie about her potential involvement in the murder of her 'cousin' Jonathon.
- Pete comes home with an oversized basket full of Josie's dry cleaning.
- Having been misled on who Laura's killer truly was, and now with the knowledge that BOB is still out-and-about in Reality, Pete is once again ramping up and rallying his forces to beat BOB, once more. Here, he is literally bringing Cooper evidence that will be needed in the coming episodes.
- Agent Cooper is, at this moment, drinking a cup of coffee.
- Here we are again, back with the coffee for our favorite agent! Cooper is back in full-detective mode and being fueled by Pete's coffee. And thus leads to...
- Pete asks Cooper to take over Josie's clothes while he answers the phone. Agent Cooper takes this opportunity to take a fiber from Josie's clothes to use as evidence.
Season 2 - Episode 16:
- Sherriff Truman and Agent Cooper call Pete into the police station to assist with a chess game that Cooper's new enemy, Windom Earl, has proposed.
- Windom Earl has initiated a tele-game of chess with Cooper wherein each time Cooper loses a chess piece, Windom Earl will murder somebody in Twin Peaks
- Josie walks into the kitchen and faints upon seeing her 'dead' husband - Andrew Packard - alive.
- Andrew Packard reveals to Josie that he knew about her intentions all along to have him murdered - but that he harbors no hard feelings about it.
- Josie - the former owner of the mill - is revealed to not be as benevolent as we were first given to believe.
- BOB and Black Lodge Spirits have long been working under the radar and undetected for a long while in Twin Peaks.*
- A development in Josie's earlier disappearance and possible involvement with Jonathon regarding Cooper's being shot leads Sherriff Truman to overhear this.
- Truman is deeply in love with Josie and is now engaged in a conflict of interest: protect Josie, his lover or Cooper, his professional duty and bestfriend.
- Josie's deterioration into Black Lodge misgivings is seeping into other members of the community e.g. Truman (as we will soon see with Truman).
- Josie goes to see Thomas Eckhardt at the Great Northern. Cooper gets word from Catherine of Josie's whereabouts.
- Cooper opens the door the room where Josie and Thomas Eckhardt are in, but is too late as Josie as just shot and killed Thomas. She then points the gun at Cooper but Sherriff Truman arrives and talks her into putting the gun down.
- Josie, a once protector of refined wood (owner of the mill), tainted by the Black Lodge at the start of season 2, is now undergoing a internal struggle of good vs evil.
- At this moment, Josie faints and dies on the spot. BOB appears along with The Arm (a Black Lodge spirit).
- Josie gets sucked into a doorknob in a wooden dresser.
- What is there left to say? Yes, Josie literally gets imprisoned in a f**king wooden knob.
- Wait... a wooden knob? A wooden (refined wood) knob (a tool used to enter a new place). Josie, in her death, has become a gateway/gatekeeper of the Lodge space and Reality.
- In all of Pete's attempts to rally his forces and stop BOB/Black Lodge, he has successfully employed his ally's (Cooper, Truman, Catherine, Josie, etc.) to regain control of the Lodge/Reality travelling after the previous gate (the mill) was destroyed.
Season 2 - Episode 17:
- Pete is working on the next chess move against Windom Earl. He is trying to figure out moves for a stalemate but surmises that a stalemate is only possible by losing 6 pieces (people's lives) at a minimum.
Season 2 - Episode 18:
- Pete makes a decision on the next chess move which calls for the Sherriff's Department (Cooper, Sheriff Truman an co.) to venture out to Owl Cave.
- Owls - according to certain Native American folklore and alluded to by the show, itself - are said to be harbinger's of evil (Black Spirits in this case).
- Pete is leading law enforcement directly into enemy territory to confront it head on.
Season 2 - Episode 19:
- Pete writes a poem about Josie as he figures out the next chess move.
- Still working on moving towards victory against the Black Lodge (playing the chess game) and commemorating Josie in the process.
- Catherine requests Pete help to open a wooden box from Thomas Eckhardt. Pete figures that it is a puzzle box.
- A wooden puzzle box given to Catherine symbolizes the control/confinement of Lodge spirits. What's inside the box will be crucial to what exactly what the purpose of the box (revealed here soon).
- Pete is assigned to be on the committee of judges for the Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pageant.
- Pete is being attracted to where Black Lodge spirits are going to act in a couple of episodes from now. More on this later.
- The puzzle box is eventually opened when Pete accidently drops it - revealing another puzzle box inside.
Season 2 - Episode 20:
- Pete sees Josie's face in the wood above the fireplace in the Great Northern Lodge's main lobby.
- This is pure confirmation that Josie has now become 'one' with refined wood: conglomerating with the Great Northern Lodge and looking over the people who stay in this hotel. In this scene especially, she is above the fireplace. Remember... fire = Black Lodge activity. Josie, is above the fire, subduing it in a symbolic way.
- Pete's arm starts shaking while he is dropping Audrey off at the airport to be with Jack.
- Shaking arms in the show is something that happens to certain characters just before a significant event takes place between the realms.
- Foreshadowing what is to come in a few episodes. Audrey is making the wrong decision here - a decision that will seal her fate in a couple of episodes.
- Audrey doesn't leave with Jack, and instead returns to Pete's truck.
- After she mentions Jack's promise to take her fishing, Pete offers to go with her, stating that a "trout's leap in the moonlight" is a cure for a broken heart.
- Distracted by the prospect of fishing (catching ideas), Pete is damning himself by not acting on the shaking arm urge and making her get far away from Twin Peaks.
Season 2 - Episode 21:
- Inside of the wooden puzzle box was another puzzle box: this one being being metal.
- Wood is now becoming replaced by something even stronger, previously unknown to the town of Twin peaks. Metal over wood = Industry over preservation. Man is attempting to dominate not only the Lodge spirits now, but also the process in which they do.
- Ben Horne wanting to build a Country Club where the Mill once was is an example of this: replacing wood industry with luxury and excess.
Season 2 - Episode 22:
- Pete - being a judge at the Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pageant - unknowingly sees Windom Earl, who is disguised as The Log Lady.
- Pete was able to be easily deceived here because Windom Earl was using the theme of wood (The Log Lady) to mask his overwise Black Lodge presence.
- Pete then heads to the police station after Windom Earl has sabotaged the Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pageant to inform law enforcement that "The Log Lady" stole his truck.
- Agent Cooper and Sherriff Truman find Pete's stolen truck in the woods.
- Glastonbury Grove is a place in the woods in Twin Peaks where Black Lodge Spirits enter into Reality.
- Remember, now that the Mill (refined wood) is no longer standing, so now Black Lodge spirits can come and go into Reality via the woods (unrefined, natural wood).
- This is where Windom Earl has taken a girl from Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pageant (Annie).
- Pete stays behind to help Andrew Packard with the metal puzzle box. When they finally open it, it has a key to a security deposit box inside.
- In the bank, they are directed to Thomas Eckhardt's safe. When they use the key to open it, they find a bomb inside which blows up the entire bank.
- Pete and Audrey are both in the explosion when the bomb goes off.**
*Sherriff Truman states:
There's a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence. It takes many forms but... its been out there for as long as anyone can remember and we've always been here to fight it.
- Season1 - Episode 3
**Pete and Audrey are both in the explosion when the bomb goes off.
- Pete Martell is not in Twin Peaks: The Return (Season 3) as Jack Nance -the actor who plays Pete - is deceased. However, Audrey is in The Return, albeit apparently in a liminal realm (neither Reality nor Lodge Space).
- What I posit here is that Audrey only survived the the bank explosion from Season 2 because Pete (who is not a human but a spirit of the White Lodge) attempted to transport Audrey to The White Lodge or another safe space but Pete was not fully capable to do so since they were in a metal bank vault and not in a wood area. Therefore, Audrey was improperly transported to this liminal 'purgatory' instead. A vault of her own.
- Pete Martell lives in a log cabin. Literally a house built out of wood. A structure that man built out of wood of he domesticated. Living here would allow Pete to easily go from Reality to Lodge very conveniently.
- Laura Palmer being wrapped in plastic (a manmade synthetic) is an interesting observation.
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2022.01.19 13:47 selenawhipkey First post. My yellow boy is almost 7 months old. When did everyone get their lab fixed? Do you feel like it affected their growth? Leaning toward 10-11 months right now. He seems small in stature to me, but he’s 60 lbs!

First post. My yellow boy is almost 7 months old. When did everyone get their lab fixed? Do you feel like it affected their growth? Leaning toward 10-11 months right now. He seems small in stature to me, but he’s 60 lbs! submitted by selenawhipkey to labrador [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 13:47 stumpycamel 🚨Follow @theNFTdicks on TWITTER to win an NFT dick (0.1 eth).🚨 Comment with DONE and your username after you follow !!!

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2022.01.19 13:47 MisguidedBacon Billy is happy I promise

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2022.01.19 13:47 Alert-Elephant-1234 Sig Sauer MCX

First shots fired. Nice 1" group from 10 meters. Attached a red/green dot and some camotape. Next step is zeroing the red/green dot
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2022.01.19 13:47 Daniel_D225 Yo mama so fat she makes space seem like it ends.

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2022.01.19 13:47 CarbonGod Effects and science behind the flow of water freezing.

Good day, hope this is a good place to ask.
When dealing with flowing water, what are good things to look at to understand how water freezes when it's flowing. Everything from pipes, to streams, can freeze. But how does it work?
Let's take a simple river. Temps are hovering 10F. Water is flowing. Ice forms on the top, but not on the bottom. What causes the bottom not to freeze?
On the other side of things...what about a small stream, say, an outflow of a small pond. The volume and even flow isn't that great, so wouldn't the entire stream freeze?
Are there certain temps, of flow rates that effect this?
If you have a single large river flowing into a lake, but 6 smaller streams flowing out....can the inflow out-pace the outflow, because the smaller outflow streams freeze first?
Most googling just tells gives me about bursting water pipes, not much actual research on this study, if it's been done. But even this knowledge can help burst water pipes, right? You have X temp, and Y flow, you can avoid the entire pipe from bursting, even though frozen water expands.
OR, is it "everything depends on everything" type thing? Where every single variable has to be taken into account, and it's impossible to throw if X = Y then Z will happen, as an answer?
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2022.01.19 13:47 roflrad Streaming PC games to Xbox Series S?

Is there a way I can stream games from my PC to my Xbox series S? I'm surprised the app store doesn't have Steam link. I have seen the gamer repo site that you can download moonlight but unfortunately have an AMD card so it doesn't work with moonlight. Are there any other alternatives?
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2022.01.19 13:47 Notles_Notsniw [FOR HIRE]Hi, OPEN comission 5 slots

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2022.01.19 13:47 SPTC_Spiny I was off by 30,000 then I instantly became gold until the last minute then I was off by 15,000

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2022.01.19 13:47 PineapplePotsticker Unbelievable increase on houses and previously releases items, make us disgruntled.

Dear LKWD,
We get you are a business with the goal of making your company solvent while making profit, despite recent...(self-inflicted) catastrophe. However, it does NOT justify the outrageous increase in the price of previously released items, especially WITHOUT WARNING! These choices are further alienating your fan base (read: paying customers). We refuse to pay $2000 for the same item that was just $699 last week, with no improvements, to boot. Why would you do that to us? I buy coin packs weekly without fail, and its even too much for me to enjoy. We like your content and want to continue supporting you, but make it fair and make it make sense.
Signed, A loyal customer who will no longer buy packs if these shenanigans continue
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2022.01.19 13:47 Lhitam LF: Larvitar FT: Bagon

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2022.01.19 13:47 tbsdlr No spoilers and please don't spoiler me (mid season 6): am I the only one not liking Gabby?

I always tried to fight that feeling but I seriously dislike Gabby more and more for her erratic unpredictability, her bitchiness in every fight, crawling back every time promising bullshit she never keeps...
Am I the only one?
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2022.01.19 13:47 minarto69 Aerodatyl ,trainer code 0105 5602 6566

Mega Aerodactyl nearby ,join fast
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2022.01.19 13:47 sopadebombillas teeth :D

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2022.01.19 13:47 idcris98 I don‘t want it

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2022.01.19 13:47 Warpzone808 dont be a dumbass

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2022.01.19 13:47 ChineseLok Their battle would echo throughout time!

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2022.01.19 13:47 ShiRonium Viveliam | Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku no Tou to Honoo no Shoujo. [Kurushimi] (Riven, 8.29*) 99.48% | 3,516/4,080x 5xMiss | 799pp (938pp if FC) | 74.71 UR | 99.84% before 1/3 section

Viveliam | Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Yomi yori Kikoyu, Koukoku no Tou to Honoo no Shoujo. [Kurushimi] (Riven, 8.29*) 99.48% | 3,516/4,080x 5xMiss | 799pp (938pp if FC) | 74.71 UR | 99.84% before 1/3 section
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2022.01.19 13:47 xagrat22 säljer fotbilder, storlek 37 i skor❤️ vita naglar❤️

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