I got fired for refusing to risk catching covid and spreading it to my ill family

My c19 infection was a six day event and 24 hours or so, very disconcerting. I began the early treatment program on the third day. First two days I had swollen and aching glands in my groin and didn’t realize I had covid. On the third day I woke to a terrible sore throat and guessed I had the Chinese flu. Check out this family's spectacular Christmas lights display. WTAE Advertisement Slideshow Central Andrew Medichini. By ANDREW MEDICHINI, Associated Press. These gourmet Italian coffee beans are ... There are several things to consider when deciding whether it is safe for you to travel in the United States. This includes the following: is COVID-19 spreading where you’re going, will you be in close contact with others, are you at higher risk of severe illness if you do get COVID-19, do you have a plan for taking time off from work or school, do you live with someone who is older or has a ... > For my age/health group, I view this risk of Covid to be less than the risk of the known issues with the vaccines. 1. If you extrapolate that out to everyone doing it, we have a ton more people die, many from things unrelated to Covid because hospitals don't have the capacity. That hasn't been factored into your risk assessment; 2. The spread of Covid-19 has caused the death of hundreds of thousands across the world, posing the biggest public health threat of this generation. For all the latest updates on coronavirus and ... The known side effects are mostly a sore arm, perhaps some swelling and redness, and then the possibility of headaches, tiredness, chills, fever, and in some people, nausea. Of the people in my family that have taken the vaccine (2 doses plus a booster), the worst side effect was two days of fatigue. Now everyone in my family is fine. Covid vaccine booster doses reduce the risk of infection by two thirds compared to two jabs, a mass surveillance claimed today. Data from the REACT study — which randomly tested more than ... A: With some Americans refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, it can seem like a daunting task to make sure your wedding is not a superspreader event and to ask people to act in accordance with that goal. When I had COVID, my fever was intermittent and low (like 99-100, when I normally run ~97). So fever isn’t actually the best screening tool. I had a moderate case–I had to get outpatient treatment for shortness of breath/difficulty breathing. Also, as someone with allergies/asthma, it was completely clear to me I was sick! As a minimum, you should continue to follow the same guidance on staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19. You should consider advice from your health professional on whether additional ...

2021.12.07 20:44 karesswoodii I got fired for refusing to risk catching covid and spreading it to my ill family

I just wanted to share my story as I become more and more anti-capitalist by the day. I'm going to try to make it as short as possible.
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the owner of my company M's assistant gathered everyone in a circle to announce that M had tested positive for covid. M has worked very closely with several people in our little office of about 12. Everyone looks pissed, but no one says anything and returns to their offices.
I know that there is supposed to be an in-person interview that day, so I go to the assistant and ask if they're going through with it. She says they are. I tell her that is irresponsible and dangerous, she frowns and says she will discuss what to do with my coworker. She ended up coming to me about an hour and tells me they let the interviewee know about the exposure but they still want to do it in person. Fine, their call, but I shouldn't have had to tell them to do that in the first place.
In the meantime I called my manager, S, and let her know that I am not comfortable working in the office and ask what actions are being taken. She says she will "look up the CDC guidelines" and call me back.
She calls me back and essentially says that since they legally don't have to do anything, they're not going to. I inform her my immunocompromised mother is visiting me in the beginning of December for my birthday and I am not risking my mom's life to work in the office. She says I can work from home for the day, and I take my equipment and leave.
A lot, lot was said via email but it boils down to: I am quarantining for 2 weeks whether you like it or not. My mother is a severely ill person and I am not risking her life for a job. They are pissed about it. Even though I can work completely from home, they tell me I either need to come back to the office or take time off. I've used all my PTO, so I take unpaid.
My mom then comes over to visit and we have a great time celebrating my birthday weekend. She knows all about the situation and thinks it's hilarious.
Yesterday, the mini vacay was over and I'm due to return to the office. I know that they are probably livid with me by this point, but I go in anyways. I'm not gonna quit- they're going to have to fire me.
Both S & M (lol) are there when I arrive, and they are never there that early. Usually show up about 2 hours after me, so I know something's going down.
Soon as I get to my desk, M comes out his office and says let's meet in the boardroom. K, let's have a little meeting.
So me, S, and M are all in this meeting and it looks like they have papers to write me up or something. Again, a lot was said but the highlights are:

They then tried to say they've had issues with me in the past. I know they haven't because up until now I have gotten nothing but compliments for my work ethic and no one has brought issues with my performance up to me. S then says they've had issues with me answering texts and emails- which I know they haven't- and I tell them so. I then inform them I don't have to answer their texts on my own cell phone that I pay for, and they can email me. M says I have to answer texts from my boss. I reiterate that I don't. M then throws his hands up and says I'm fired. I say okay, grab my plants, and leave. Btw, M was visibly shaking this entire time he was so mad- just as a visual.
I go home and tell friends and family the latest update- thankfully everyone in my life is very supportive and all backed my decision. Even my stepfather, who is a nice but very quiet person, texts me to tell me he's proud of me for looking out for my mother.
I may not have an income right now, but I can sleep good at night knowing I stuck by my own morals. On my deathbed, I will be able to say I didn't risk my values for a corporation. And I never will. I'll fucking do it all again if I have to.
Sorry this is so long, I actually really condensed the story down. Thanks to anyone that bothers to read too, I just wanted to share.
TL:DR: I won't risk covid to go in the office, I get fired. One thing capitalism can't take is your morals.
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2021.12.07 20:44 ProfessionalSun2023 Help bringing price down for $1000 gaming PC

I want to build a gaming pc for the first time that costs under $1000. However I still want to game at 1440p, 60fps+ medium settings(if possible) Right now my cost is $1153(if I can get my gpu at msrp). Also, tips for getting a gpu would be helpful.
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Super nervous, like shitting bricks ahaha but also, very excited. The first time I feel like I'm not lying to a date!
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Like when someone is trying to chase you down?
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going asap
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I got a 210 index score so there’s a chance I might get commended, in Cali so no national merit semi-finalist. I already know there’s a isn’t any scholarships associated with it so what’s the point of commended?
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2021.12.07 20:44 Simonbargiora What if something similar to Christian Hell existed either as a planet or a dimension in Star Trek?

With Satan being a powerful superbeing consuming souls for nourishment, possibly a mix between Armus, Gorgon, *, and the creature that tried to eat Janeway and convince her she was dead? Would Starfleet try to free the harvested souls continually grown like cattle and then eaten? Did any Starfleet officers get eaten by Satan and would it be a violation of the prime directive to save any soul from Satan, should escaped souls be returned to Satan?
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2021.12.07 20:44 habithacker Day 1: Restarting again

Here we go again. I had recently broken my 21 day streak about 8 days ago. This is interesting because my last streak which I attempted a while ago was also 21 days.
I'm kinda scattered and I'm having trouble getting back on the train. This time I relapsed because I got an Oculus Quest 2 and just had to try VR porn. I had gotten it thinking I would like to explore the NFT/VR space but I guess subconsciously I also wanted to try VR porn.
I am afraid I will not be able to quit VR porn. I also have an addiction to escorts but it seems that VR is just so convenient and immersive hitting the sweet spot which is extremely dangerous. Me and a couple Redditors were talking about the future of porn following the trajectory of heroin. That is to say that porn will become more and more addictive eventually becoming the digital fentanyl.
I'm not quite sure how to build up from here. It seems that before the relapse I was on a decent roll but now that I have to build up I feel kinda deflated. I was using Beeminder to keep track of my important habits including posting to nofap but now that I've cheated with Beeminder I feel a lot of apprehension to using it.
Perhaps I could rely on the community to keep me on track. For example on my Beeminder you can clearly see where I inputed bs/fake data but if I were to post it here it would be hard to get away with it.
I find that writing as well is one of my keystone habits as long with showering early. In the meantime I need to clean my house and finish setting up my new desk. Perhaps focusing exclusively on nofap will keep on track as well. Who knows.
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So I picked him up off bid and immediately got into a clutch game and no lie within the first 30 seconds of the game I went 3-3 from 4pt. In this same window of time he got back to back steals helping lead to them.
The opponent quit out before a minute of game and the score was 12-0, Larry Legend is that guy!
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