I could see a way to do an interesting LOST epilogue miniseries SPOILERS

Triss Merigold of Maribor was a legendary Temerian sorceress of the 13th century. Called Fourteenth of the Hill by her contemporaries because she was erroneously thought to have been killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill, she passed into history as Merigold the Fearless. A member of King Foltest's royal council along with Fercart and Keira Metz, as well as a founding member of the Lodge of ... But Psychonauts does have the advantage to be a series made in the west (in America) and it did got a sequel in this very year to increase its fanbase, so its not hard to see Raz get chosen for Ness, it also could be that the DB's cast may have already been fans of the series (similar to Bucky O'Hare). For the epilogue, the final episode, we didn’t know how we were gonna get there either. It was really cool to shoot things in order and see the way these two grow and change. FemSheps could romance Kaidan, Liara, Jacob, Garrus, Thane, Samara, Morinth, Javik, or James. Apparently fighting a war against primordial biomechanical ships from the void makes people more willing to pursue happiness. As you see, picking a particular pair isn’t easy, but there are some obvious choices which play into the story more than others. Buy movie tickets in advance, find movie times, watch trailers, read movie reviews, and more at Fandango. Ohba has at the end made the series a heroic tragedy in a sense: the hero ironically Yoneda (RIP Mirai as the MC lol), whose hubris is that the heavens do not matter, and his lesson is that there were things beyond his understanding, or even the heavens, and that presuming Yoneda's conclusion cost everyone their lives--like thinking you are immortal and the one thing that proves you wrong is ... J.R. Moehringer is an American journalist and author. Born in New York City and raised in Manhasset, New York, he is a former national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. A 1986 graduate of Yale University, Moehringer began his journalism career as a news assistant at The New York Times. “No Way Down is both a gripping read and a clear-eyed investigation of the hubris, politics, and bad luck that brought on one of the worst disasters in modern mountaineering history.” — Michael Kodas, author of High Crimes: The Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed “Graham Bowley’s No Way Down does a great job of putting you on the ... —– Spoilers ahead ———-Once you finish the game, after the Epilogue, you will come across Nigel, 10 years older, looking like a crazy man, wandering the streets and still asking for his friend Gavin. Also, we didn’t see a voice actor for Gavin in the credits. Maybe Gavin decided to go back to UK. Maybe, he just ran away from Nigel. What lends this story a unique feel, in my opinion, is the way Jill Santopolo tells it. Through the eyes of Lucy, a woman living in New York, we’re given a front row seat to an all-co If you’re anything like me—a lover of love, believer in fate or a sentimental dreamer—drop everything and read this book . . .

2021.12.07 21:12 opiate_lifer I could see a way to do an interesting LOST epilogue miniseries SPOILERS

With these competing streaming platforms hungry for content I could see Disney+ or one doing a short miniseries.
Ok so we already saw Hurley pick up Walt because he of his abilities because Michael's ghost is trapped on the island.
Something is wrong, the light isn't working properly and Hurley can't figure it out and is recruiting Walt and other special people who can speak to the dead.
It turns out Hurley only has half of the guardian's power, the power over life. He is missing the power over death AKA smokey. Remember the hints that Mother had the power of the smoke monster? Which even the creators gave a nod to in the episode commentary.
This could explore the least examined part of the plot which was the guardian mythology, there are theory videos made about this to this day.
Hurley could also need the full power of the guardian because of a looming threat like increased scientific interest in the island by some cut throat corporations.
This wouldn't violate any established canon as we know characters in the flashsideways did not appear at the ages they died.
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2021.12.07 21:12 DioriteDragon Steven vs. Victor, Bini, and Sumit

Steven is unquestionably a scumbag cheater, but he is hardly alone this season. Sumit, Bini, and Victor have all lied and cheated multiple times as well.
Yet, there is vastly more hate towards Steven than the other three combined. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find any negative topics about the other three after the Tell-All, whereas it's littered with angry denunciations of Steven.
Why is that, one may wonder?
After all, Steven is actually the youngest of the 4 men, and clearly less mature. He may also be autistic, which isn't true of either Sumit, Bini, or Victor.
Is it Steven simply being a horrible hypocrite with regards to his religion? Well, he's not alone there, either. Bini makes a big show of being an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, even forcing his son into religious ceremonies his mother was uncomfortable with, yet he cheated on his dancer ex, cheated on his first wife (hence their divorce), and cheated on his second wife Ari while she was away.
Sumit makes a big deal of his Hindu religion as well, while being a two-timing bigamist scumbag.
Is it Steven's ridiculous behavior at the Tell-All? Actually, Victor's was much worse. At least Steven paid lip service to being wrong and improving, whether it was sincere or not.
Victor outright laughed and dismissed Ellie's tears about him having a live-in girlfriend while they were together, using the ridiculous excuse "everyone cheats" and "I didn't REALLY love her!" like it's just a game.
Where are the furious posts condemning Victor and talking about cancelling him?
What's even worse is that Ellie mentioned that Victor is seeing a therapist for his "anger issues", and we've seen him have a very nasty temper.
That temper flared up when he was talking about how angry he was at Hiromi noting that Ellie comes to her crying all the time. There was genuine malice in his eyes.
So where are the posts worrying about the safety of Ellie and Hiromi like there have been about Alina's?
We're left to conclude the obvious.
Steven gets this much shit because it's far easier and more comfortable to hate on the dorky white American Mormon as opposed to the foreign black/brown dude. Especially in a subreddit that prides itself on being progressive and not "punching down".
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2021.12.07 21:12 _asmrpeanut_ Beadle’s about

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2021.12.07 21:12 Same-Row-4665 Real estate broker Serhant: 50% of deals can be done in crypto, bullish on NFTs

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2021.12.07 21:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Former Mount Carmel and Illini football star Glenn Foster dies | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.12.07 21:12 ChaosCarson rudolf the redneck reindeer

Processing img uzggo080o7481...
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2021.12.07 21:12 Resievil7 Best multiplayer fps to play on PS5

It's been quite a while since i have been into fps multiplayer games. I have mostly been playing single player story based games and last of us factions multiplayer. Anyone who plays a good fps game and recommends it please drop a comment. Also drop your psn id's for me to add you if you play on PS. Thanks
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2021.12.07 21:12 starfeed 211206 Members Twitter (Junghoon)

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2021.12.07 21:12 AlphaDeian suggestion

add a menu that shows you your total income and add a feature to where you can click on each plot to see how much its getting you
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2021.12.07 21:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Tuesday’s high school basketball scores | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.12.07 21:12 Rainy-boi “Hooray! Todd Fashion!”

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2021.12.07 21:12 GloomReality Planeswalkers

How exactly does one equip a planeswalker into a deck. I've tried changing deck type and searching the planeswalker up directly but I just can seem to figure it out.
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2021.12.07 21:12 KnownEmergency00 General question for the community here...

This is more or less out of my own curiosity after I got to thinking on the subject a few days ago- how common are inpatient gambling addiction recovery facilities in the United States? Is there anyone that has experience with that or can speak to anything as far as it's prevalence or even the finer details about the process of getting into treatment or how insurance factors in (or doesn't factor in)?
Any insight or info, firsthand or not, would be helpful.
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2021.12.07 21:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - 80 years later, Navy vet remembers Pearl Harbor | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.12.07 21:12 Vasch7 The Ascent Gameplay ITA 04

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2021.12.07 21:12 CrowdyPooster Chromecast Audio casting is dead

Beginning today, I can no longer cast from my Tidal app (Android, Samsung S20) to Chromecast Audio.
Other streaming apps cast with no problem--this problem only occurs with Tidal.
Anyone else? If this becomes a persistent issue, I am bailing out completely. 95% of my listening is via Chromecast Audio.
(Caveat: If this is a temporary issue related to implementation of mobile app control of Tidal desktop that has been "coming soon" for 1.5 years now, I will give them a pass)
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2021.12.07 21:12 suncreamed My (30M) boyfriend (30M) accused me of sabotaging our relationship

Hi there! My boyfriend and I (both 30M) have been together for about four years. We spend about 3 or 4 nights a week either together in person or playing games while talking on voice chat (we don't live together).
During the covid lockdowns we went to calls only as there was no way we could see each other in person. During that time we'd argue a lot about various things and every time he'd say I was being overly defensive about something and I'd apologise. We had a discussion about how much we argue at one point - I said I felt he was often quite dismissive about my feelings and opinions and he said that I was just defensive and he can't predict how I'm going to react. He outright said that he doesn't think he's been responsible for a single argument that we've had which was quite upsetting. Needless to say this is an unresolved issue.
Since things have become a bit more normal we've been spending more time in person together. The arguments have reduced in frequency but they're still going on for the same reasons as before. Even when we're not arguing, whenever I make any attempt at making conversation he just gives one word answers and I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall.
I've mentioned a few times that he seems quiet and asked if he was okay and he said he didn't want to say anything that might cause an argument. When I asked why it would he said he thinks I'm deliberately sabotaging the relationship to make it easier for me to end things.
I had nothing to say to that but I've been going over it in my head a lot. I can sometimes be defensive but I feel like that's a response to him invalidating my points of view all the time. He'll attack my opinions and I'll get upset, but he'll get just as upset by the fact that I merely have a different opinion to him. I accept that I have a role in every argument we've ever had but he point blank refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for any of them.
At this point I don't know what to do. I do love him and about half the time he does show it in return, but I feel like there's a huge problem here and all my attempts to talk about it are falling flat.
What should I do here?
TL;DR: Boyfriend and I argue a lot. He thinks it's my fault, I think it's his. What do we do?
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2021.12.07 21:12 Cpt_Orange16 [WIP] Flower update, first leaves

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2021.12.07 21:12 No-Tradition5229 Bi females

Looking for a by females in New Mexico that like to PNP we are a good looking couple hit us up
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2021.12.07 21:12 semaphore-1842 Subreddit Fundraising Drive: Reddit Democrats Against Malaria

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2021.12.07 21:12 SpockOnLDS Mispress - Billy Joel's "The Stranger" record plays Kanye West's "College Dropout"??

Bought this in-store at an independent vinyl shop, brand new in packaging... Is there others reported? Does anyone even know if there's a market for this particular crossover? Lol
I'm a casual vinyl enjoyer and wouldn't know where to start even if there is.
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2021.12.07 21:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Illinois’ first Omicron case of COVID-19 confirmed in Chicago resident | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.12.07 21:12 nuji25 Fluctuating heart rate from 40 - 90 throughout day

Male 29 5'6 97KG (213 lbs) Non smoker (over 2 years quit) No previous medical conditions
Hi all
So i had some questions surrounding hear rates.
I work in an office so im in a seat most of the day. I'm not overly fit.I try to do at least 30 mins of walking a day.
I've had a occasional tightening sensation on the left side of my chest.
My heart rate has dropped as low as 40 during the day. Has risen in the 90s while sitting doing my work.
At night its dropped to as low as 30.
My avg for the last 3 days has been 56/52/56 (smart watch)
All blood tests have come back fine. Blood pressure is also ok
I've seen 2 different doctors had an ecg and worn a holter monitor. Both docs and cardiologist say im fine. Though i really dont feel i am and there is something else happening
Thanks for any possible help
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2021.12.07 21:12 LOVABLE4125 What's something/someone you hate and can't explain why?

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2021.12.07 21:12 Jay1087 My 19 year old fluffy boy wanting to be with me when I had to get ready for the day

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