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H: AAe250 plasma W: legacy offers

2021.12.07 20:37 Extra_Crispy24 H: AAe250 plasma W: legacy offers

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2021.12.07 20:37 DapperCadaver2021 Skinnyfat?

Hey guys, after a lot of research usually coming up with conflicting advice I figured I would ask this here. Im a 20 year old male, 185 lbs and 6'2. I used to be 225lbs and lost the weight over the course of about 6 to 8 months. Now that I'm within the BMI I am still skinnyfat. My weight loss included a lot of cardio but now I have pivoted to weight training and I'm seeing good newbie gains. I still have a gut, lovehandles and a lot of excess fat in the butt and thighs. What should I be doing to maximize my body recomposition in both routine and diet? I currently have a 5/6 day workout schedule.
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2021.12.07 20:37 Cowpokes Morimoto headlight help? Replaced my headlights on my gen 1 now the grille lights do not work. What did I do? 2011 non led, installed plug in play XB headlights.

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2021.12.07 20:37 Vincers Does belching ever stop

Coming up on 5 mo
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2021.12.07 20:37 KcScum [XBOX/18+/Mic/CHILL] Looking for people to do Missions

Looking for people to do CEO missions/Heists/ECT.. Xbox GT Em0jiz message me on there or dm on Reddit if you are interested. Join Crew "PFac Inc" if you want as well.
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2021.12.07 20:37 Rislifs My experience as a worker at carvana

Hello, I figured you all should know this considering how happy some of you are with your cars. I'm happy for you.
However Carvana is a company that completely and totally lacks ethics they will push their workers to actual tears I've had on 2 occasions now a worker stressed so badly they were hysterical, they do not care about maintaining a proper Human Resources (HR) department, and the managers are given free will to write up employees even without evidence in the slightest all it takes is for another employee who doesn't like you to say something bad and you'll receive a notification saying you were written up, and there is no way to appeal. Harassment and Ill behavior is never corrected until everyone in the office is literally begging the manager to do something because again HR is useless.
And don't buy with their financing. It's a complete rip-off charging upwards of 20% or more for most vehicles on the lot you will spend more than double all things considered. If you do buy from Carvana use your own financing or pay in full otherwise you'll be hurting from this poor decision.
Furthermore I must comment on the quality of the cars. There is no Quality Assurance department period.
These cars are on the brink of breaking down about 70% of the time. Cars have come missing oil caps, oil level sticks, radiator caps, coolant tank caps, and the most common washer fluid caps. And even if that wasn't a problem the oil change interval is ignored, now don't get me wrong they change the oil but they won't reset it and lately the cars don't even come with an oil change reminder sticker.
Several vehicles have gone all the way through with severe mechanical issues such as slipping transmissions, low engine oil, overheating problems, engine knock, and most common valve train noise from not being adjusted.
The vehicles are brought based on a certain milage threshold. However this threshold only should apply to certain brands and in some cases certain specific models. I've seen Kia/Hyundai vehicles sold well past their expected end of life.
Paint is the worst offender on these vehicles, the finish is down right lazy with swirls in the paint on a good portion of vehicles sold. Over spray tends to be everywhere even in the interior somehow? Headlights are not restored, replaced, or treated. Vehicles are sold with faulty lighting equipment pretty much daily with water inside or cracks visible.
They use Valvoline to inspect their cars because the workers at Valvoline aren't paid enough to note every little detail.
Vehicles are often delayed due to simple and poor organization, or the car was skipped, the key was in someone's pocket, or no one even scheduled the car to come in on the truck so it sits for days at the wrong lot.
And the real kicker there no trackers in the cars so I've seen first hand employees joy riding the vehicle you already purchased taking them significantly beyond the speed limit and abusing the engine, tires, and breaks
I've also seen first hand an employee doing donuts and on many other occasions sustained burnouts at high RPM
So to wrap up TL:DR style: Employees are treated really bad Cars are not reliable nor should you buy one
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2021.12.07 20:37 myotheracctisabot666 What legal authority can I contact about my landlord flat out refusing to call a professional to deal with pest infestations in my apartment?

I know this is Boston and us renters can't have shit, but this has been the worst few months of my life and I really need advice on making my living situation okay. My gf and I just don't have the financial resources to do anything more than pay rent/utilities and put food on the table, so we can't put anything towards dealing with the horrible rat infestation in this apartment. The landlord has allowed this to get worse for months.
The landlord is actually a seriously aggressive asshole. He threatens retaliatory eviction, refuses to deal with any repairs or problems, and even recently hit our neighbors car while it was parked and had the nerve to scream belligerently at these poor guys when they confronted him about it. I can send him pictures of huge, fearless rats literally guarding the washing machine in the basement and he won't respond for days on end, let alone do more than claim to have sprinkled rat poison around ("the pros won't do more than I would!").
All of this is seriously illegal, obviously. We want to do something swift and assertive avout it, but we're young and this is our first apartment, so we have no idea what to do and every Google result seems sponsored and predatory toward the less savvy. Are there any resources for people with low incomes and such?
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2021.12.07 20:37 5WI55MANN Meine Frau hatte Brustkrebs - AMA

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2021.12.07 20:37 JMS2150 Clinic workers

People who work at clinics, do they randomly test?
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2021.12.07 20:37 damp79 Medina Spirit’s shocking death is yet another reason we should end horse racing

Medina Spirit's death is another reason to end horse racing (nypost.com)
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2021.12.07 20:37 gecot63542 What's better to have in the shower, two separate knobs for hot and cold, or one knob that turns the water hotter as you turn the pressure up?

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2021.12.07 20:37 sol1869 [NYT] Claims NE Brazil Is Turning Into Desert Even As Vegetation Surges

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2021.12.07 20:37 jazzhands423 A shitty picture of a [mclaren elva]

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2021.12.07 20:37 Goddess___Love Is this ok to say?

I wanted to apologize for flirting with you knowing that you have a girlfriend. But when you’re single contact me because I want to date you.
We’ve already slept together before while he’s been in a relationship.
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2021.12.07 20:37 Primary-Locksmith-27 Rivalry

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2021.12.07 20:37 Psycholarocco Where do you get your ideas?

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2021.12.07 20:37 Electrical_Crazy123 Trading

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2021.12.07 20:37 alexd0texe i find this shit hilarious

i find this shit hilarious
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2021.12.07 20:37 odd_avokaydo MC Eternal - LF More

Hi All,
I am starting up a fresh MC Eternal modpack and would love to have about 10 people total to regularly play. We current have 4 players. 2 are pretty experienced and I am moderately experienced, and the other is pretty new to Minecraft. We are happy to have people of any experience level.
Must be age 18+, three of us are in our mid-early 30s and I'm not sure how old the other guy is. Old folks welcome! We typically play mostly in the evenings (EST time zone) and weekends.
Send me a message if you are interested in joining us!
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2021.12.07 20:37 therealwaystomorrow2 3 people

Have perfected n. ن . They are called A.
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2021.12.07 20:37 saturnfanmad Interview Magazine - HQ

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2021.12.07 20:37 golden_sun4 Thank you for the resources!

Just a quick note to say thank you for all the links everyone shared about foreskin anatomy and hygiene! I read through every link and watched every video in the comments of my previous post as well as the links that were private messaged to me. It was great to affirm that we’ve been doing all the right things and to just continue on. I did have a short age-appropriate discussion with my 7-year-old today (he is used to us having frank discussions about anatomy) and I just asked him out of curiosity if he had ever noticed that his dad’s penis was different from his and his little brother’s. He amazed me by saying “no”! You guys, isn’t that one of the most common reasons people cite for circumcising their boys? So that they’ll look like their dad? He didn’t even notice! Made me happy. He’s a good kid. He is highly attuned to detail about most things, but it didn’t even matter to him enough to notice. Just had to report that tidbit! Thanks again for everyone’s comments and resources!
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2021.12.07 20:37 Big_Dick_Davis Looking for a four socket polearm

I don't really know runes yet, I do have a amulet that gives +2 to Amazon skills and 45 to life. Anyone able to help??
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2021.12.07 20:37 Paul513Journey A story about golf.

A friend brought me along to play golf one day. We had fun. I liked Golf. I liked it so much, I wanted to get as good at golf as I could, as fast as I could. Coming from an active strength and conditioning background, I knew I could apply some of my knowledge to be a better golfer.
I immediately changed my 4 day a week S&C workouts to include golf specific exercises. Power shoulder work, wrist strength and control tasks, rotating core exercises, I threw it all in.
A few weeks later I went with my friend again to play golf, but I had not improved very much.
I knew what was wrong.
I spent weeks on the golf reddit asking about clubs, shoes, gloves, golf balls so I could get the best of the best. I wasn’t going to let my equipment be a weak spot in my golfing success. I also asked if there was any specific golf workouts people were doing, how many sets, reps, load cycles, energy system integration. I wanted to make sure my workouts were spot on.
I also doubled the amount of training I was doing, I was starting to get slightly sore wrists, but after someone on reddit told me to stop training, I immediately assumed they didn’t know me and my strength background, so I soldiered on.
A few weeks later, I had another round with my friend. I think I could hit the ball further on occasion, man I could swing that club, but in the end I played worse than last time.
I needed to get better, this couldn’t do. So I installed a net in my backyard with which I could hit golf balls into.
Day in, day out, I hit golf balls into the net. Just me and the net. 1000 shots, twice a day, I was going to show everyone what dedication could achieve.
In a moment of genius, I also added in some grip squeeze exercises, using various club handles from my new top of the line set. I would squeeze them in either a 10 second max squeeze or a 10sec on 5 sec off squeeze pattern which I called repeatoids. This would ensure I didn’t lose control of the club from sweaty or fatigued hands.
Six months I did this. I didn’t allow myself back onto the course until I was ready, I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself until I could finally prove my golfing prowess. Workout after workout, I filled in my 6 tab excel training worksheet, making sure to color code as I meticulously detailed each rep on a 6-20 Borg RPE scale.

Then finally, the day came. Me and my friend were sitting on the first tee. I stepped up. I was ready.
I delicately took the wool cover off my shiny composite max range driver, folded it, and handed to my caddy, a friend who owed me a favor for the day. I swung back, tensing my now seasoned obliques in a fierce show of power. The clubhead whipped instantly, swinging through to send the white orb flying well into the distance. It flew high over the fairway, sailing through the sky in a soundless arc. It passed over the green, through the dense woods on the far side and into wilderness.
I turned and headed back to pitch and putt clubhouse. Maybe golf isn’t for me. Chess, I bet I could train really hard for chess instead.
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2021.12.07 20:37 fatsnowmandude We're not the only ones

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