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This is on the bag that my new shirt from Amazon came in.

2021.12.07 21:56 losinghopeinhumans This is on the bag that my new shirt from Amazon came in.

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2021.12.07 21:56 D-Wreck1998 Question about Bam and Headon at the beginning.

So I am on my 8+ reread (I’m reading on pace with my wife’s first read to discuss) and I realized that Headon talks with Bam before he receives a pocket. How is he able to communicate with someone who speaks a language he most likely doesn’t know. I stick to the WEBTOON so this might have been answered before and if so sorry for cluttering up the feed, but knowing that Headon is a powerful figure and in a vital position within the tower I still can’t make sense that he could comprehend anything that Bam says before he gets his pocket from Yuri.
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2021.12.07 21:56 ScottColvin Three Mysteries From Civilizations Long Lost | Journey To The Ends Of The Earth. Runtime 2:23:06

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2021.12.07 21:56 glonnmon Props to GLaDOS for the vocal work on Over and Over

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2021.12.07 21:56 chikchip Commented on this post in r/ShitLiberalsSay (swipe for the post). Also, I'm labaachi in vgg chat.

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2021.12.07 21:56 heartbreaxer this community in one image

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2021.12.07 21:56 Xalex02 Can't progress Journey

Yea, got stuck on 3rd quest from week 4 (play 40 unit cards) and 3rd quest from week 3 (play 13 epic cards). After the match game won't progress my quests despite me playing those cards. I don't know if anybody have same problem but feels kinda sad :(
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2021.12.07 21:56 AdAdministrative2812 Stay legit

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2021.12.07 21:56 theoriginaled [Spoiler: 6.0 I looked but didnt see it posted already, here is the Endwalker Post credit artwork.]

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2021.12.07 21:56 calendersettings 27M [chat] Hay if you like to paint or draw let’s hang out and chat or talk in voice and chill.

Even if that stuff isn’t up your alley and you still want to talk shoot me a message anyway.
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2021.12.07 21:56 karto2287 When avoiding being socially engineered, what questions should I avoid answering?

Like in a dating scenerio wise?
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2021.12.07 21:56 unnshoes Schrodinger #KittyDinger Elon Mask's Cat Meme Coin! Marketing Partner 9gag

Schrodinger #KittyDinger is a meme project named after Elon Musk's cat. It's not just a meme, It has amazing Utilities, like: Multi-chain wallet, Launchpad, Gaming Metaverse ZOO and Charity. Team is KYC'ed with Assured defi, currently sitting at $14,080,455 Marketcap.
This coin is absolutely perfectly geared to make a huge run, DO NOT MISS OUT!
Less than 2 weeks ago, they announced a partnership with 9GAG, 9GAG's official twitter liked the announcement post...
Yesterday, they Released a Preview of their KITTUP WALLET which is planned to be released mid DECEMBER : LINK BELOW
KittUp Wallet Features. This article describes the features and… | by Schrodinger - $KITTY DINGER | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Huge marketing push is starting this week, Dont wait long to ape in!
✅- Developing a Metaverse P2E GAME & Multichain Wallet
✅- Partnership with @9GAG
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✅1,000,000,000,000 One Trillion Total Supply
✅Kitty Tax
✅2% Redistribution
✅2% development
✅5% marketing wallet
✅1% liquidity
Launchpad platform Exchange listing Billboard Marketing Marketing Campaign
Contract 0x2C33B28527A63Cdf13C0B24Ce4cf5BF9C9fB3BC6
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2021.12.07 21:56 eggo640 Call Of Duty Mobile: pink texture edition

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2021.12.07 21:56 crtetley Almost got scammed

I went onto my email and saw the title was Service and the subject was Apple, which was the first red flag. I saw that there was a $30 purchase via credit card. Then I remembered that I changed my icloud email, red flag #2. I checked the email and it was BE CAREFUL Y’ALL!! I also double checked my bank account and apple account to make sure that my stuff was safe, luckily it was. Altho, I clicked the “refund link” which makes me nervous, but LUCKILY it only brought me to Google and not a fake Apple site to have me “sign in” and whatever.
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2021.12.07 21:56 spooky-the-insomniac WFL | Me: Golden Walrus / Them: Goldhorn

View Poll
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2021.12.07 21:56 desi_miata Eye opening documentary on the water crisis in Punjab

I never knew it was this bad. Is there anything we can do as a community to put this up there with the likes of the farmers protest?
I want to return to punjab permanently someday and I want to see Punjab how I left it. But this isn't about me, it's about the civilisation, the tradition, the culture, the language and the beauty of Punjab. Apparently, it will turn into a desert in 20-25 years.
I know a lot of people already know about this issue but I was concerned about how it isn't talked about as much (imo)
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2021.12.07 21:56 Deity_Elysian New Terminator 2 4K release

What makes the 4K discs different in the version released a few weeks ago vs in 2017?
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2021.12.07 21:56 chrisjbillington NZ R_eff as of December 8th, with daily cases and restrictions. Latest estimate: R_eff = 0.79 ± 0.04. Plus projected effect of vaccination rollout. (images with both linear and log scales)

NZ R_eff as of December 8th, with daily cases and restrictions. Latest estimate: R_eff = 0.79 ± 0.04. Plus projected effect of vaccination rollout. (images with both linear and log scales) submitted by chrisjbillington to CoronavirusDownunder [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 21:56 zealotkim [US-CA][H] GMK Olivia ++ Dark Base + Spacebar Kit, KAT Eternal, Navy 7V [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cash


GMK Olivia ++ Dark Base + Spacebar Kit: $360 Shipped CONUS
- Lightly used, gamer keys are starting to develop shine/losing the rough texture.
- Lost the cover, so I can send it with 8008 cover or just ship them in bag (-$10)

KAT Eternal (Alphas, Icon Mods, Novelties, Numpad Fix kit)" $450 Shipped CONUS
- Lightly used, except numpad which is BNIB.

Navy 7V: $930 Shipped CONUS
- Built plateless with l&f lavenders and durock v2
- Comes with original box along with pc plate and foam.
- Small scratches on the back SS weight.

If you have any questions or pictures in detail, PM me. For bundles or local (92614), we can work some discount out. If shipping outside CONUS is needed, additional cost will incur (will look for the cheapest option). Thanks!
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2021.12.07 21:56 Sivad6293 Why I'm forever DM. Or: How to kill your game in an instant right before the end.

I've been meaning to tell this for a while, but I've been delayed. Finally, here it is. I'd like to document this so others can learn what not to do. First off, I'd like to put in a disclaimer. I am in no way saying that I am any better than other DMs. I am extremely grateful and honored that the group trusts me enough to be the DM. Sure, I am more of a Story teller, and I'm not that great with combat, But everyone else entrusts me with being the DM, and the rule maker for the game. But of course as many DMs may understand, Its not easy always being the guy who has to make the world turn. Some times, you just wanna play the game without having to worry about all the things a DM needs to in order to keep the game functioning. This is the story of when I had the chance to actually play a game again. I hadn't actually played since the first game I did (A topic for another time.) And was eager to finally focus on one exclusive character.
First, The DM. This was still my usual group, and one member of my group, We'll call them A, wanted to run a game. I consider A to be a very good friend, despite the drama that came from this story. (A, If you're reading this, Know that I love you and I wish that this had ended differently.) The setting was more fantastical than my world. It included Flying islands and multiple kingdoms that were reminiscent to ATLA's kingdoms. There was the standard Fire, Earth, Water, Air kingdoms, Though they weren't exact duplicates. For example, Water was the most technologically advanced with flintlock pistols and pirates and the like. There was a Light Kingdom that seemed to have the most magic, the list goes on.
The party consisted of A talking cat pirate named Cathulhu, who had a "Peg tail" and had an Ahab vendetta with a giant sea serpent. His closest companion was another member of the group whos name I forgot, but was basically a Big Daddy from Bioshock who loved cats. So much so that he constantly picked up strays and became a Crazy cat daddy. Ehimir, A Deer Centaur character. Orion (Yes. B from my last story was involved. Don't worry, He did Absolutely nothing different and was barely useful in the slightest.) And finally myself. Slade Harringoth. Slade was an existing NPC from my game that, with some backstory tweaks here and there, was going to be a player character. Slade was from the Dark Kingdom. He was the veteran of a war that cost him his eye and several of his friends. Life was hard for Slade. He was constantly plagued by the memories of that bloody war. Eventually, He met the love of his life, Mary. She comforted him, Healed him, and basically became his reason for living. All was good until Mary caught a life threatening disease. He became a bounty hunter to pay for her meds, Which is how he came in contact with the party.
The whole dynamic with Slade was that he was a tough, Brutal warrior, but he had a very human side. He was a romantic. He constantly sent letters to Mary, making sure to update her on his travels. Mary loved books, So he eagerly hunted for new exotic books whenever he would go to another kingdom. In a group that had a Pirate Cat that was the the size of an actual house cat, A Big daddy, a Deer girl, and a useless paladin, Slade was the straight man. He was simple in motivation. All he cared about was getting his wife better. For the first couple of sessions, It was all very good. We wasted a lot of time in the first session as Cathulhu, Playing HARD into stereotypes, Fucked our employer, The queen of the light kingdom. The Ling Kingdom was Vastly different from the Dark kingdom, Obviously. While the Dark kingdom was a more Gothic, Germanic setting, The Light kingdom was far more wealthier. A even mentioned that there were little things that were different, such as the women in the light kingdom wearing pants. This did not concern Slade like the DM might have thought. In fact, He was open to the idea. I mean, Its not like the most important person in his life, even more than his king is his wife or anything.
The light queen had gathered us for one purpose. Villages were vanishing all over the world. No destruction, bodies or anything. Its just that several people just vanished. We were sent to investigate, though we had not clue where to start. It was eventually decided that we climb aboard Cathulhu's ship and set sail, hoping we could spot the a village being attacked. Eventually after a month at sea, we spot our target. A city being attacked by unholy abominations. We made to landfall and made our way to village. I scouted ahead just to see if I could see the culprit.
I climbed a tree and used Cathulhu's spyglass (Much to his annoyance) and saw a strange cloaked figure on a roof top, commanding the beasts. I decided to try to get closer. It would be a long shot, But Slade had it in his head that he needed to take out the BBEG before Mary got hurt. However, before I could pull the trigger on my crossbow, The figure waved their hands and vanished without a trace. We ventured into the town, and found that there was no trace of anything. No signs of life, no struggle, Nothing. It was like everything, including the BBEG and the abominations had been Thanos Snapped out of existence.
We continued to explore the town until the ground began to cave in under us. Suddenly, we were falling. Falling for what seemed like an eternity before we eventually landed safe and sound with little more than bruises. What we found was that we were in some sort of Underground world, Complete with its own, strangely alien creatures. Like a Dragon with Angler fish features. Slade made sure to, albeit crudely, draw pictures of these things. Maybe Mary would find it fascinating.
We came across ancient ruins while we were inside this underground world. The ruins of a lost civilization that had been destroyed by some long forgotten cataclysm. We descended a dark flight of stairs, and one by one we began to vanish out of sight from one another, blanketed by pitch black nothingness. We had activated a type of security system that would expose us to a puzzle, followed by a maze that made us see everyone else as an undead monster, to finally exposing us to our worst fears. The Big Daddy saw a little girl who he did not recognize, but felt a connection to. Cathulu saw his ship being destroyed by the sea serpent and his entire crew dying. Eimhir was being chased by a near endless sea of black wolves. B...Was not there at all. He had bailed on us for several sessions, so we continued without him.
Slade went into a room that looked like his house, complete with Mary. He knew that there was something wrong. He knew that it was fake, but his love for Mary overtook him. He hugged her, talked to her about how she was. It seemed normal. Then she began coughing up blood, violently so. Her stomach began to grow, like something was busting out of it. Mary pleaded with Slade to help, but the only thing he could was put her out of her misery. After that, Several rats poured out of her stomach, and Slade reacted violently and began to kill the rats. He was pretty much done with the area, and Slade was in a pretty bad mood.
Here is when the decline started to happen. During Combat, A had some questionable rules. A was upset that they never got a Glory Kill in my game, and wanted to give everyone a chance. They did so in the worst way, basically giving Glory Kills to every kill. This backfired when the Big Daddy killed a dire wolf.
A: "Alright. So, How do you wanna do this?"
Big Daddy: "Hmm...I take the Direwolf and I use him as a weapon to beat the other dire wolf to death."
A: "W-What?!"
Big Daddy: "You heard me."
After this, A got rid of the concept of Glory Kills all together.
We eventually made it out of the ruins and found what we were looking for, or in this case who. The girl who was behind the Thanos Snapping. Slade is already done with this shit, so he draws his sword and it takes the party calming him down to get him to listen to her. She was willing to come with us and explained what she did, though not clearly. Whatever her plan was, she was attempting to stop the apocalypse.
She was also the last surviving member of this civilization. The Kingdom of Gifts. As the name suggests, they had all sorts of powerful artifacts and the like. Slade only cared because these people could have the cure for Mary he was desperately seeking.
Our mission was to find the one responsible for the disappearances and return them to the queen of the light kingdom. The issue now was getting back home. The girl thankfully had a solution. A rather difficult form of travel between realms. Through a convoluted method, the only way we could travel was to go into the realm of some entity who basically wanted to play a game show with us. And this was another moment when I saw the decline.
Earlier, when I was DMing for A and the group, the party encountered an entity that was similar. Illirand, the God of Games. Illirand's big thing was that he was from an ancient society of Sun elves that fled a catastrophe. Illirand did this by creating a demiplane and traveled between realms. Over the Eons he went mad and started to take people from these realms and force them to play these games for his own amusement. Illirand interacted with A's character a lot, and A really liked this character, so they made their own.
Enter "Radio Head." An entity who, despite the name, had a TV for a head. The issue here is that, with Illirand, There was a chance you would lose something. It was simple. Illirand would ask you a riddle. If you got it right, You get a point. Get it wrong, you spin the wheel of misfortune. The wheel had mostly bad things, but it was possible that nothing would happen. Illirand also gave the option to risk two people if you couldn't answer the riddle. Basically if you didin't know the question, you could ask a party member to answer it. If he got it right, no one spins, but no point is given. If he got it wrong, Both have to spin the wheel. Mainly, with Illirand, spinning the wheel was a Bad thing, and if the players got something bad, it wouldn't be easy to dish out, because there were a lot of bad things. Removal of body parts, Lose a treasure, even lose a cherished memory.
Radio head however felt like the poor mans version, and was a clear copy of Illirand, but with a minor change. Rather than ask a question, Get the question wrong then spin the wheel. This was "Answer a riddle AND spin the wheel." This meant that no matter what, a player was losing something. And wouldn't you know it, The wheel went for a low blow. Slade ended up losing the memory of his first kiss with Mary. He knew he lost the memory, he knew what it was, but the location, the specifics, all of it was gone.
It almost seemed as if A was punishing me for some transgression I did to them. But then I remembered that it was chance. At least I rationalized this. Things however would continue to devolve. Eventually we made it back to the main world, went over to the Light kingdom, delivered the girl and hoped to continue the adventure. However things took a turn. B had returned and had said some nasty things to A that were distasteful enough to get him kicked from the game. Personal attacks and such. So A decided to end the game with one last adventure.
Next session the town was attacked by vampires, and the infection seemed to spread far and wide, originating in the Dark Kingdom. Slade knew that Mary was in trouble, and had to save her. Nothing would stop him from seeing Mary again. The game looked like it was actually picking up again, but unfortunately fate reared its ugly head.
A was bringing in a new player to the group. One that they really liked and heavily favored. Favored enough to listen to every word that the person said. The player had told A that our stats were somehow broken. Thus A wanted to initially fix the problem but did so in perhaps the worst way a DM can do at this point. Middle of the game, A wanted us to reroll our stats. This was unheard of for us, and we felt pretty mad. We're having fun when suddenly this new guy comes in, says we're all somehow broken, and convinces our DM to try to change our Stats. Most of the players decided that this was the final straw.
B was rude, but he rose valid points that we silently agreed with. A claimed that they were a seasoned DM, but their actions clearly showed otherwise. This was forgivable. It was forgivable for the whole Radio head situation. It was forgivable to have the rule changes every time something went wrong. But changing a groups stats in the middle of the game was not. So the Big Daddy and Cathulu left.
Eihmir and I stayed to see the end of this campaign. I wanted to at least finish one DnD Campaign in my life, and By God I was gonna do it. I wish though that I did not stay, because the ending was still in my opinion, Hot Garbage. (Again, sorry A. But you dropped the ball on this one.)
The kicker? The person A was bringing into the game never showed up at all anyway, so we didn't bother changing the stats anyway.
Going through the story beats real quick, Slade went home to find that his wife was gone, and his sister had turned into a vampire. Slade did everything he could to try to save her. Rather than kill her, I tried to knock her out, so as to tie her up and take care of her until a cure could be found for her. However, apparently hitting her in the face with my shield and clearly stating "I want to knock her out." The force of the shield still killed her somehow.
Heartbroken, Slade continued, Praying that his wife was still alive and safe. Eventually it was discovered that the King of the Dark Kingdom had been turned into a vampire by his son, and began to spread the infection. Slade and Eihmir tried to fight, but it was the closest battle we had ever had. It came down to one last roll on Eihmir's side that killed the vampire lord. We did it. We won. Somehow we managed to defeat the vampire and save the day. Now all Slade had to do was find Mary and make sure she was safe.
However, when we stepped outside, The sky was blood red, and demons had come to invade. And just like that, In a cheerful voice, A rang out "The End!" That was it. That was how the story ended. No resolution. No time for character development. Not even a scene for Slade and Mary to get together one last time. It was all for naught. I was angry. I spoke from the heart and said "That was the worst ending I had ever experienced." (This was years before Game of Thrones ended.)
I was upset. The one thing I wanted to do with my character, have some nice wholesome RP, and I never got it. I later found out a terrible truth. Cathulhu managed to talk with A, and Cathulhu told me about what A was thinking. The truth was, A had no intention of RPing as Mary at all.
Its here I should mention that A is Trans. FTM to be exact. The whole reason A didn't want to play as Mary was because Mary was too girly, and A was trying to distance themselves away from the female part of their lives. What upset me was that I bent over backwards for them. They got into a gay relationship between their male bard and my bard NPC. I myself am not, but I'm comfortable enough to bite the bullet if it means making sure my players have the best experience possible. I was upset that A didn't do the same for me.
More over A had planned on killing off Mary not because of the story, but because they just didn't want to play as her, and was not interested in a bit of character romance (despite A on multiple occasions telling me otherwise.) A never even really tried beside that dream scene, and it wasn't even the real Mary.
The worst part was the way A planned on killing her off. A was going to originally have Mary be turned, and Slade forced to kill her. Thankfully having avoided that, we continued on with our lives.
As far as characters go, Eihmir was able to survive that game. I retconned it in my game saying that Illirand arrived at some point as the apocalypse began, and she was one of the many "Outsiders" Who were taken by Illirand to play his game, and were eventually freed by the party after Illirand was slain, and she would later meet the main games version of Slade. The same was offered for the other characters, but they declined, stating they wanted to move on.
I tried to remain friends with A. I invited them to my game again which lasted for a bit, but that other player wanted to join my game, called my game broken, and then convinced A to leave my game all together. After that A cut ties with me, defriending me and refusing to answer my texts. I haven't been able to speak to them since. I hope they learned from this for future games, and that one day their DM game surpasses my own.
As for me, I still DM every week. My game has been going on for years. Every now and then I'd like to be a Player in a game. Fortunately for me I recently met a girl who would not only be a DM for me, But would also become the love of my life. I tried the same character beats with her and had a new version of Slade in her campaign. Same as the previous one. Its 100% more fulfilling and has easily become some of my favorite RP outside my game.
Inexperienced DM runs a game, inexperience shows, tries to fix it, fails, gets new player, new player gives bad advice, DM listens, chases most players away, abruptly ends campaign in shitty way.
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2021.12.07 21:56 BoopDoopMcScoop How do deaf people think?

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2021.12.07 21:56 Bobbalee_40 You don’t want to miss out on this #newcoin. eEat token is the very 1st token designed for the hospitality industry. We already have utilities. Presale is happening Tomorrow 9am UTC on Dxsale!! Come over to dxsale and grab you a bag.

You don’t want to miss out on this #newcoin. eEat token is the very 1st token designed for the hospitality industry. We already have utilities. Presale is happening Tomorrow 9am UTC on Dxsale!! Come over to dxsale and grab you a bag. submitted by Bobbalee_40 to eEat_Official [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 21:56 A_skyrim_NPC “Halo…its finished.” (SR152 just today.)

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