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Thought I'd do something a little extra as I was mixing up Tamiya Clear Alpha Legion colour to use later on in the week.

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2021.10.23 22:58 NeonMorv Thought I'd do something a little extra as I was mixing up Tamiya Clear Alpha Legion colour to use later on in the week.

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2021.10.23 22:58 esposures What kind of vegetable is a chickens favorite?

Bok Bok Choy
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2021.10.23 22:58 kiedennis Phoebe and Justin sound check?! 10/23

Standing outside the gate, and it sure sounds like Phoebe and Justin sound checking her tune “Garden Song.” I thought it might just be the stereo, but it sounds like JV accompanying her. We also know she’s in LA. 🤞
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2021.10.23 22:58 TheFiveBlackRivers I don't Need a chunk of junk crowd of followers here all I need is just a few real readers who know what they know and I know what they know and they know what I know.

I don't Need a chunk of junk crowd of followers here all I need is just a few real readers who know what they know and I know what they know and they know what I know. submitted by TheFiveBlackRivers to TrueCrimeDiscussion [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 22:58 SwordSaintSlayer That hits just the right spot!

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2021.10.23 22:58 hellowrld2 Dɛɛpwɛв Filɛs

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2021.10.23 22:58 No_Guarantee_9265 Cute + Fierce =

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2021.10.23 22:58 PrAnVErsE Trading a VIP ticket! (aus server)

Just as the title suggests, I'm trading a VIP ticket on the aus server. I'm curious, what would I be able to get out of it? Or what will/ would you offer?
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2021.10.23 22:58 domino7 With the Focus on Ovi going after 4th, maybe third in total goals this year, let's not also miss that he's only 4 goals away from first in power-play goals.

While Gretzky's record is obviously the more impressive of the two, and the one to get the most hype, and rightfully so, with his PPG to start the season, he's only four behind Dave Andreychuk for PPG. And sitting at around 1200 games vs Andreychuk's 1639 games as well. We might very well see him take the number 1 spot by Christmas. US Thanksgiving even.
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2021.10.23 22:58 browngirllover282 😍(iktr)

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2021.10.23 22:58 beemurz 3

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2021.10.23 22:58 aviva41133 Very specific movie request here- “I’m gonna have to call you back”

does anyone remember any movies that have a scene where something crazy is happening on the street and someone who witnesses it tells the person they’re on the phone with that they’ll have to call them back later. I just think these are funny but I can’t actually remember any movies that this happens in though I’m sure there are a ton
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2021.10.23 22:58 nkunfuzao Handicap NBA during the game : Question

If a game is on the 2nd half, and I bet the handicap +1.5 for example on a team, is it on the total result, or taking into account the result of time of the bet
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2021.10.23 22:58 Ok_Road_5360 Yes

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2021.10.23 22:58 etpkenny Growing up in my old House.

Hi guys,
I’m no story teller but I wanted to share my experiences with spirits whilst living in my mums house and ask for some clarification to what the spirit/ spirits could have been, whilst the events took place. Some of the events I’m going to describe happened at different times, as there was quite a few I don’t remember exactly the correct order, I’m which they took place but that shouldn’t really be relevant.
The very first time I had experiences with spirits was when I was very young (before I can remember) although I could talk and walk at the time, so my guess is I was around 4. It was a rough time for my family, as my dad had just left my mum, he clearly needed some space as he completely disappeared out of our lives, as I said I don’t remember this, because I was so young (my mum explained this to me later on in my life). My mum found herself crying and in need for some help, she told me that she remembered screaming “please will somebody help me.” She then described the feeling of a warm reassuring hug wrap round her. Which left her with a slight chill but soothed her current state of mind. Unknowing to her this was the start of some strange occurrences.
It started with your typical ghostlike behaviour, the odd object going missing, the footsteps here and there, the feeling like someone’s watching you, etc.
When all of a sudden, I began talking about this person that followed me around the house. I adapted the name “the nasty man” and explained that I often saw him doing crab hands at me, in a way as if he was trying to play with me. My mum passed it off to being a child’s imagination, regardless of the fact she knew the house had changed since that night.
I didn’t mention earlier but in our house there was me, my mum, older brother and older sister. It is also important to know that we was living in a semi detached bungalow (with the loft converted) next door to my nana and grandad. My nana and grandad lived in the house when it was first built. They knew the people that lived there before, as did my mum before buying the house. I’m pretty positive that the previous owners didn’t die in the house but did in hospital, as they were both elderly.
Anyways, I was also told that during these occurrences I saw a woman on two different occasions in my nanas kitchen. I paused and conveyed to my nana that there was an elderly woman there looking at me. She quickly told me to tell her to go away, which I did. The woman apparently, just disappeared before my eyes.
Another occurrence that happened in my house was on a normal day as any, when all of a sudden, my mum heard me screaming and running frantically up the stairs, screaming about the nasty man chasing me. This startled my mum and she was quick to save me from the situation. It was weeks later when she came to the discovery of who this nasty man really was.
We was at home looking through an old photo album of family trips and parties, when a picture of my deceased uncle appeared on the next page. If I was 4 he would’ve passed 9/10 years ago from then. My mum noticed my gasp and quick hesitation to look at the picture, immediately asking me “what’s wrong Ewan?” To which I replied “that’s that nasty man.” My mum knew something had to be done and called in a psychic, who explained that there was a loving spirit in the house and if f he wasn’t welcome anymore then he simply needs to be asked to leave. Which my mother complied with.
The spirits were gone.
The thing was, that house felt like a beacon for all kinds of weird things, some things so weird they sound like dreams but everyone involved swore blind that they saw it.
Like the time, my brother, sister and her friend was all having a sleepover (they was all pretty young then so it wasn’t weird). They was having a dispute about something when they heard footsteps outside the door. Thinking it was my mum, they pretended to sleep. When they heard the door handle slowly drop, they soon realised it wasn’t my mum. As they saw, what they describe as a reptilian like foot step in, with a big yellow reptilian eye staring at them. They all led still and waited for it to leave but they all swore blind they saw it, even to this day.
Another occurrence was when my brother and his mate decided to do an Ouija board. There was no one in the house, therefore decided it was as good a time as any. My brother explained to me that at the time him and his mate knew a word that you’re not supposed to say by any means necessary, while operating an Ouija board, although he had forgotten the word in present day, I don’t know if I had and he was trying to protect me, who knows. They set everything up ready for operation but before they got chance to warm the planchett, his mate uttered the word. Everything stood eerily still for a quick moment. Then all of a sudden all the doors slammed and all the taps blew open. Leaving the two of them farting out the house as fast as possible, meeting my sister who was walking up the drive with her friends.
Now I don’t know if any of the instances above created a portal to our house, I’m really not sure. All I know is the house had a scary feel to it, especially upstairs. To get back to my room or the front room from the kitchen, you had to pass the staircase, I often found myself running back from the kitchen to my room to prevent the chance of getting a glimpse of anything on the stairs.
So, I’ll explain my first remembering of anything paranormal, this is going to sound crazy but my dog Stan, (named after Stan Laurel from Laurel and hardy) had just killed my sisters rabbit, that was a family member for all my life. This for obvious reasons made me devastated, I must have been 10/11 at this point, as I wasn’t young enough to forget completely about it. I remember going to my dads one day and looking at him led on the floor with Stan and seeing this brown blur running all around him. I passed it off as just a random occurrence but upon looking into my garden on numerous occasions I would see this brown blur which I could only put down to being the rabbit. As I said, it sounds crazy but I know what I saw. Not long after, unfortunately I stopped seeing our rabbit, which left me with a sense of hope that she had found peace.
Now I will explain where things started to get super weird for myself. I must have been around 13/14. I found myself at home alone, my grandparents had retired and often went on trips around the world, atleast once every two months. It was late but my mum was due to finish work and come home soon. When I heard, footsteps walking casually upstairs, I immediately froze and had no idea as to, what I should do or where I should go. I found myself in a panic, thinking what are my options here, do I try rush whoever’s walking around upstairs? Do I leg it? Do I ring someone? But I couldn’t find the courage to do anything except freeze and hope it ends soon. This went on for what it felt like 20/30 minutes, the footsteps literally stopped the minute the front door unlocked. It was my mum, I was so relieved but still terrified of what just happened. I immediately told her “there’s just been footsteps upstairs” to which she calmly replied “oh no.” This took me back as I expected a more desperate response, so shouted “what do you mean oh no!?” She then replied “it doesn’t matter.” Still full of fear and adrenaline I screamed “what do you mean it doesn’t matter?! I’ve just heard someone walking round upstairs!” She then went on to explain that more often than not when one of us hears footsteps, it means something will happen in the family, like a massive argument or something. Not long after me and my sister was on the motorway, she was driving when her whole wheel just flung off, we was ok and unharmed. This led me to believe that this was, this all mighty problem that we was warned about, therefore forgot all about it. The week after however, I got into a massive argument with my mum, which almost led to me getting kicked out of the house.
Weeks/months went by, footsteps kept happening, I’m not exactly sure when it arrived, but I often noticed (in the corner of my eye) this black silhouette, more often than not in the middle of the front room, as I passed, but that appeared. I liked to think that was my uncle watching over me again.
It was on one particular day that things upped a level, I remember getting home from school and watching tele in the front room. I spent a lot of my teenage years in the house by myself, due to the fact my brother was at uni in Chester, my sister moved out to live with her boyfriend and my mum was often working late (if not working, she was with her boyfriend). I didn’t mind this, my nana and grandad were only next door, plus I’ve always enjoyed my own company, (I get more sense out of myself). I remember exactly where I was sitting, the end of the sofa, when it happened again. Footsteps. Just simply walking around minding their own business. So I shrugged it off, it had happened hundreds of times at this point, so why would it matter now. Something eerier happened though, I heard a ball drop, with the speed of “da da da da da da dadadadada” then stop. All of a sudden I heard the footsteps walk over to the exact point the ball stopped. Everything went quiet, the silence seemed to last for a whole minute, I knew exactly what was to happen and it was almost as if whatever was upstairs knew that I was waiting for that fucking ball to drop again. Which it did, “da. da. da. da. da. dadadadadada.” The silence screamed run to me in my head but I couldn’t I froze, the silence just grew longer and longer, I looked at the window next to me, knowing I was going out of it in any second. I just needed a push.
The footsteps had turned into stomps, not just strolling though, whatever was upstairs was running. I bolted for the window, hanging half way out when my grandad opened his door. He confusingly asked me “what the hell are you doing!?” To which I lied “shutting the window” he was confused and asked why I was hanging half way out of it. He firmly told me to stop dicking around and come for my tea. I remember chilling there for a long while, but there’s only so much of my nanas shows that I could take, especially at that age, I knew I had to go get my iPad but something inside me was warning me that the bangs were going to happen again. I grew the courage to brave the task. I opened my front door softly trying not to alert the “spirit” I could see my iPad sat on my bed, almost as if it had been left there as a booby trap. I began to approach it slowly, reaching half way before… BANG BANG BANG BANG!! Down the stairs. I darted as fast I could to the iPad, retrieving it and running back next door. I only returned to the house later when my mum arrived home from work.
Months if not a year had gone by, with similar occurrences happening, not only at my mums but at my dads too. I would often be led in bed at my dads with a shadow walking up and down my bed on the wall. I passed this off as just the tele for a long time, until I stopped and came to the realisation that teles can’t make shadows move, so I paused the tele and watched this shadow constantly walk up and down my bed. I felt weird about it but it had honestly been happening for months and the shadow had never bothered me before so thought nothing of it. There was this one day, at my dads where I was, of course, home alone and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was very rare that I was home alone at my dads as I would only come on the weekends, and my dad and stepmum used to like making a fuss of me when I came. Anyhow, I eagerly watched the stairs, expecting to see my dad or stepmum come up the stairs, but to my surprise all I saw was a completely dark silhouette come up the stairs and into the room next to me. This was in the day so it was still light and my room wasn’t far from the stairs, so there was no reason for this figure to be so dark. I immediately shouted for my dogs to come in my room and shut the door, waiting for someone to come home.
At my mums house, I clearly remember a time I was alone again, where I was in bed chilling. I don’t really sit or lie in a bed clothed as I’m one who prefers to be naked pretty much all the time. This led me with my only quick escape plan resulting in me running out the house…nude. But I had already experienced these mishaps, how can any top this now. Believe me this did, it freaked me out a whole lot. I was watching tele when I could hear two people quietly whispering to each other as if they was having a dispute. I paused my tele and could hear clearly that it was a man and a woman, but I couldn’t understand a word they was saying, it was as if they was speaking gibberish to each other. I listened curiously for a while when I heard the woman shout gibberish at the top of her lungs, then silence. Pure silence. Not any form of noise in the slightest. You would’ve been able to hear a pin drop. I had never heard anything speak before this, so you can imagine how freaked out I was. It was as though, the spirit/spirits were getting stronger as if they was feeding off me or the house. No one else was experiencing these things at this time, well as far as I’m aware they didn’t.
I decided to have my friends over one night whilst my grandparents were on holiday and my mum was at her boyfriends house. Fuck being alone in that house! hahaha! I had already told them the stories of the house, which obviously peaked their interest. It had been an hour since their arrival, when I stopped them from talking for a minute. We was all sat in the front room with door shut and our shoes left in the hall way, exactly where I could hear someone shuffling through our shoes. I laughed and said no body’s in here but us, so who could that be. I opened the door and demanded that they look as well to witness that no one was here. We didn’t remember how our shoes were placed as we just kicked them off and came in, but before any questions are asked, no the shoes weren’t stacked up into any sinister monuments hahaha. We had all decided we were to sleep in the front room, as we did every time they stopped. I fell asleep as did another of my mates. The three remaining was all on the couch and as they explained all put their heads back on the wall at the same time. When 3 clear knocks hit the same wall, one ballsy mate decided to knock back and received no reply. That mate later revealed that he felt something had followed him home and was scratching on his doors, but that’s his story to tell, as I never heard scratching on any of my doors.
I also remember coming home from his house one day on my bike, going past this grave yard and hearing an unholy screech which scared me to my bones. I didn’t look back I just pedalled as fast as I could straight down the hill to this road we called spooky road, because for whatever reason no matter what battery your phone was on, it died and would only come back on after you got off the road and your phone would often have 30%+ left. I don’t get it to this day, maybe coincidence but I swear it used to happen very regular. I never knew what that screech was, I still remember it though, I know that foxes scream in a weird way so maybe I misheard one of them but I’m really not convinced.
After the night my mates stopped, I felt a bit left out as I’d never communicated with anything in my house, like they did with the knocks. It was still light so I felt a bit brave and decided to knock three times, I received no reply so tried again, still no reply. I abandoned all hopes of communicating to the spirits and decided to get a glass of orange juice from the kitchen. I walked through the door and almost instantly heard the quickest but scariest voice I’ve ever heard whisper “Ewan” in my ear. Needless to say I took a complete u-turn and decided no OJ for me today then.
One day all of these occurrences just stopped, completely. Without a whisper or a footstep to be heard. It was only in later years, when I was getting a tattoo from a local tattoo parlour. My tattooist explained to me she that she had experienced multiple different spooks as well as me, hers were just a lot more violent than mine. I explained to her that mine just randomly started in my early teens and ended around the time I left high school.
She then led me to believe that, we are all more susceptible to spirits when we’re going through puberty. Which totally made sense and completely added up.
I have a few questions though:

  1. Do these sound like spirits to you? Or could they have been anything else?
  2. Is it true with puberty making people more susceptible to witness things?
  3. Was I drawing them in somehow?
Of course I have more questions and more occurrences that happened to me. It all happened a short while ago now, it’s harder to remember everything.
Please give me any feedback you have with regards to my experiences and share some of yours with me as well. I love hearing everyone’s unique events.
Thank you for reading.
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2021.10.23 22:58 hurky-pandora I’m thinking about buying the SDCC sandman. I really like the full sand form look but at the same time it doesn’t have any accessories. And a BAF arm cost the same as the figure. Should I go for it or get a different Sandman?

I’m thinking about buying the SDCC sandman. I really like the full sand form look but at the same time it doesn’t have any accessories. And a BAF arm cost the same as the figure. Should I go for it or get a different Sandman? submitted by hurky-pandora to MarvelLegends [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 22:58 BNModels Got to see ex-Canuck Kole Lind play for my hometown Charlotte Checkers! Played well, 1 fight, numerous opportunities, and seemed to be everywhere!

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2021.10.23 22:58 nwegela I have to go I want to say I'm in love with you And I'm more than the skin of my teeth I digress I am a mess, I'm in love with you I will go without water or sleep I'm a ghost I can't say I know that I'm even here Or is this some eternal test Hold me close I'll never know if it's more or less No res

I have to go I want to say I'm in love with you And I'm more than the skin of my teeth I digress I am a mess, I'm in love with you I will go without water or sleep I'm a ghost I can't say I know that I'm even here Or is this some eternal test Hold me close I'll never know if it's more or less No res submitted by nwegela to brandnew [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 22:58 Otherwise-Walrus699 gaming NFT Cypherium

DCIF #cypheriumchain #DLT #hotstuff #blockchain #interoperability #defi #cypherium #CPH #CBDC Cypheriumchain is a unique product that combines the excitement and thrill of NFT gaming with the magic and wonders of decentralized finance submitted by Otherwise-Walrus699 to INDOcryptocurrency [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 22:58 hombrecharro64 Picked up some goodies at Target and Walmart today!

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2021.10.23 22:58 Potato_Muncher The VA appears to be submitting claims for reimbursement to my private health insurance for service-connected treatment.

I'm rated 30% for PTSD and have been doing online psychological therapy sessions biweekly since earlier this Spring. I started a new job at around that time and got private health insurance in my life.
Well, I just got an explanation of benefits statement from my private health insurance with ten claims coming from the VA, and five of them having $35 copays attached to it. All five are on the same dates in which I had my therapy appointments. They claimed that yes, the VA has been filing claims for reimbursement for this care.
Have any of y'all had these issues in the past?
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2021.10.23 22:58 mweisbro Just saw Roman as a teenager

I just at h Iggby his down. If I was not a sucesssion/ Roman fan not sure I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. Truly got the feel of watching Roman ad a teen… sight of as parallel to Roman as A character. Really enjoyed it. Keiren is great.
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2021.10.23 22:58 Alive-Passion4582 Piadinhas subliminares....

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2021.10.23 22:58 goodwinandsons 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜when we run up here soon....stop selling to make petty profits!!! Yes I’m talking to you!!!!

🔝🔝🔝🔝🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜when we run up here soon....stop selling to make petty profits!!! Yes I’m talking to you!!!! submitted by goodwinandsons to AMCSTOCKS [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 22:58 Garbage_of_Quality0 Sign it

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